All You Need To Know About Amazon Attribution

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It can be difficult for a merchant to get a more comprehensive view of omnichannel marketing initiatives and a better view of a user journey due to the wide range of business functions. 

Amazon Attribution was explicitly created to track the progress of external advertisements. Amazon Attribution is a new method that guarantees to promote your business by enhancing off-Amazon experiences, including sales, traffic, and conversion rates. 

This tool allows you to see how non-Amazon marketing campaigns affect Amazon sales. It assists in the tracking of external traffic that leads to sales or traffic on Amazon.

But why is external traffic so essential, and why should you invest time and effort in generating external leads for Amazon conversions? Let’s take a look at the situation.

What’s the Point of Driving Traffic to Amazon?

Amazon’s competition is tough, and ad costs are rapidly rising. As a result, businesses must find innovative ways to use or even cut their marketing budgets. While Amazon provides a variety of persuasive internal advertising solutions for its sellers and brands to help them broaden the reach of their advertising, it is still critical for brands to find external advertising solutions.

On Amazon, external traffic has the most significant overall and keyword ranking impact. As a result, Amazon prefers external directories that transform well in the marketplace. It also inaugurated its Brand Referral Bonus program, which offers up to 10% cashback on sales generated by non-Amazon marketing efforts.

Why is Amazon Attribution So Vital?

Some sellers find it extremely difficult to accomplish visibility and sales on Amazon because it is the largest global shopping site. Amazon also offers advertising methods, such as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Displays, which appear to be a fantastic way to get people to take notice of your product. The overwhelming number of Amazon sellers has a significant effect on the results price of advertising services. Some brand names find it tough to earn these Amazon ads.

Advertising via Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other external stream that suits their requirements and boosts external traffic are other options for such brands. Furthermore, Amazon prefers external traffic, so as long as your external traffic initiates on Amazon, your organic keyword standings will improve as well.

For a long time, nevertheless, it was not able to monitor or measure outside traffic to your Amazon listing. While most businesses used (and still use) multi-channel adverts, it couldn’t be fully utilized without the toolkits to track users’ interactions with products and measure conversion rates from non-Amazon channels. 

Indeed, you won’t improve your marketing strategy if you can’t figure out which channel is primarily responsible for your company’s growth.

How Much Does Amazon Attribution Cost and Who Can Use It?

Amazon Attribution is now a critical tool for setting action plans and goals for businesses. One of the advantages of using Amazon Attribution right now is that it is entirely free. 

This is excellent news for e-commerce shareholders. Amazon Attribution can be activated through the platform’s service controller or tools incorporated with the Amazon Advertising API. Amazon Attribution is still in its Beta phase and can only be utilized by Amazon Brand’s Registry sellers in North America and Europe.

How Amazon Attribution Works

Amazon Attribution can help you accomplish three main tasks:

1. Measure: instead of letting the effect of your cross-channel digital promotional activities remain unknown, make sure to know how they impact conversions and revenue.

2. Optimize: once you have evaluated your advertising strategies, you can evaluate which ones are functioning well and which ones need creative change.

3. Plan: Create future marketing campaigns based on the critical converting metrics provided by Amazon Attribution.

The Advantages of Amazon Attribution

We’ve already discussed how Amazon Attribution tracks your campaign performance, but there are other advantages to using this console.

If you use this tool correctly, you will be able to:

1. Reach out to your intended customers and increase sales faster by reaching out to them through the most popular channels.

2. Add Amazon Prime to your mix, along with shipping and customer support, to ensure a powerful combination for your corporation.

3. Direct traffic to your optimization listing or detail page.

4. Increase demand by using social media channels.

5. Provide a diverse range of content material across your digital platforms to keep your brand in customers’ minds.

6. Use DSP retargeting to re-engage your customers while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

How to Begin Using Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution is only available to brand-registered and expert third-party sellers, as previously stated. To get started, they must first fill out a sign-up form or register through Seller Central. After establishing the Attribution account, it will be possible to introduce the products and initiatives they want to track.


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