Amazon Geo Ranking: A Simple yet Effective Guide for Sellers

Amazon Geo Ranking: A Simple yet Effective Guide for Sellers

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Every seller on Amazon wants to know hacks on how they can rank on the first searches on Amazon. However, Amazon’s ranking algorithm is a confidential mystery that hardly anyone could crack through. But, there exists one of those vital factors that you can consider next time. This factor is known as Amazon Geo Ranking.

This article will help you to understand all Geo Rankings and how optimization could help you to stay ahead in the competition. 

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Let’s dive in. 

Amazon Geo Ranking

The ranking algorithm game in Amazon is a mystery to all of us. Though, it includes certain factors when it comes to ranking products on Amazon. And, one of those crucial factors involves Amazon Geo Ranking. It primarily takes the seller’s and searched product location into consideration. 

Here’s an example for your better understanding:

Suppose, a customer is shopping for home essentials in Haringey (London). Then, Amazon would check the nearby warehouses or suppliers that could deliver products in a short time frame. It will list out the other warehouses from their consideration due to the faraway location. Simply put, Amazon rankings depend on location as well. 

Even though the other faraway warehouses have better services or products still Amazon would prefer timely convenience and choose the faster options. It is generally because Amazon understands that its customers value timely deliveries every single time.

Ultimately, location and faster mode of delivery play a major role in ranking products on Amazon. And, your conversions will depend on this factor. If products are close to customer’s proximity then they will rank higher in search results. This whole concept is called Geo Ranking. 

Optimization is the Key for Geo Ranking

As we discussed, Geo Ranking is a crucial factor for Amazon’s A9 algorithm game that could either take you to the top of rankings or drop at the bottom. Therefore, you need to adopt strategic ways to make sure you hit the top spot. If you have inventories in the right cities but are still unable to rank on the first page of listings then there are other factors you are missing.

So, the other factor to consider is the optimization of your listings. It is highly important to optimize your products listings on Amazon It includes:

  1. Product title
  2. Keywords
  3. Key product features
  4. Product images
  5. Search terms fields
  6. Product reviews
  7. Product description
  8. Product rating

Furthermore, make sure you optimize your product listings to cover the basic aspects that would help you to rank. 

Inventory Management

Moreover, the next focus would be inventory management. First comes the starting part of the inventory. It means that the number of units sourced or manufactured from supplier or manufacturer. Next, you have to decide how many units will be transferred to a fulfillment space. You can also break those into multiple chunks and transfer them to other fulfillment centers. 

Make sure to analyze and calculate the long-term storage fees and location convenient for deliveries. Unfortunately, if you transfer a goods batch to the wrong location then you will only waste your capital on storage fees. Moreover, if you adopt the former method then you might have to face an inventory shortage on some location points. And, transferring to other locations would cost you heavily. 

The next point to think about is the Inventory Performance Index (IPI). It considers points such as in-stock inventory, excess inventory, sell-through rate, and stranded inventory. On these mentioned factors, you will be assigned your IPI number score that ranges from 0 to 1000. 

Note that a poor IPI score is 400. In case, you have that score then you have to face some serious consequences such as high storage fees and storage limitations or restrictions. Therefore, make sure to put all your efforts to maintain a good score that is above 400. Moreover, the IPI score is reassessed every quarter. So, you will have the chance to improve your score. 


As we have learned that Geo ranking can impact Amazon rankings. However, it is just one of those crucial factors that can influence Amazon rankings. Follow the optimization and other mentioned points to consider this factor when you list your products on Amazon. We hope this article will provide you information regarding Amazon Geo Rankings and how you can keep up in this competitive market by learning about this crucial factor! To make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!

Good Luck!