Everything you need to know about Amazon Copyright Infringement

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Certainly, Amazon is one of the largest online retail marketplaces for sellers where they can sell their products and make a decent amount of profit. Yet there is a problem prevailing in the market for sellers that can’t only impact their sales but may also lead to account suspension.

Before listing any product on Amazon sellers must educate themselves about how copyright works to prevent any copyright infringement. In this way, the seller can comply with Amazon selling policy and be able to act if someone violates copyrights. If you are a seller on Amazon, then you must make sure that you do not violate copyright laws.

Amazon restricts the infringement and takes necessary estimates to protect intellectual property rights. Copyright infringement has been a prevailing problem on Amazon as both false copyright infringement and legitimate complaints are increasing. 

Through this article, you will understand everything you need to know about Amazon copyright infringement.

What is an Amazon Copyright Infringement?

Amazon’s Copyright Infringement act is designed to be used by intellectual property rights owners and sellers to tip-off Amazon of assumed intellectual property infringements such as copyright concerns.

Copyright is a sole right a seller get over the work you create the moment you make it. This implies that you are the only one who has permission to copy, distribute, display your creation and transfer your copyright to someone else.

What does the Amazon Copyright Infringement act do?

Amazon copyright protects original works for ownership including videos, movies, songs, books, musicals, video games, paintings, technology-based works etc. In general, copyright law is meant to encourage the creation of original works of authorship for the advantage of the public. 

To receive copyright protection, a work of ownership must be created by an owner and must have some amount of creativity. If you are the owner of the original work, then you are the sole owner of the copyright paperwork involved in this process.

This kind of protection generally emerges at the moment of creation of a work, without a need for registration, certification or other formal act.

In some European countries, there are no required registration systems open to creators but they only have an evidential or administrative function.

However, each country has its own copyright laws, yet all copyright laws forbid the unauthorized copying and use of original works. 

How does a seller know if they own the copyright for one or more of the images they are using on the product detail page?

A person who is an owner of an original work generally owns the copyright for that work.

For instance: If you take a photo of your product and also have copyright protection in the photo you took. Then you have the complete freedom of using and uploading photos on your product detail page to sell that product. 

When a seller adds a copyrighted image to a product’s detail page, then the seller allows Amazon and its affiliates a license to use images. This gives the liberty to other sellers to list their products on product pages to which you have added your copyrighted images, even if an owner no longer sell that product. 

To avoid incidents like this make assure that you are adhering to copyrights and not violating any. Hence, it is your sole responsibility to make sure to upload only images or text that you own or for which you have the copyright holder’s permission to upload.

It is important to be aware of the copyrights and assure that the products you sell are following copyrights else the seller will end up losing selling privileges and may face potential legal consequences.

How to claim copyright or trademark infringement on Amazon?

If you think your product/brand has been influenced by copyright or trademark infringement, then kindly follow the procedure that is mentioned on the Amazon site. In addition, Amazon expects you to put forward the infringement complaint via their forms.

Amazon’s Brand Registry enables eligible brand owners to accept specific, precautionary measures, control scoundrel sellers aiming to blemish your brand’s credibility and protect intellectual property (IP). 

If you are intellectual property (IP) proprietor with a registered trademark, then you must check suitability for enrollment in Amazon’s Brand Registry. The Registry offers access to proprietorship text and image search, automation based on detailed reports of supposed IP rights violations, and extended authority over product listings that take into account brand name.

Those who are registered under Amazon Brand Registry can use RAV (Report a Violation) characteristic within the Brand Registry. When a seller adds a copyrighted image and gives a non-exclusive and royalty-free right to Amazon. Hence, its affiliates use them to serve the purpose of publicity. Despite that, the retail stresses that sellers must list only against the listing pages that match products. For this reason, if the products don’t match and still the sellers are listings the products, then the seller has reported the trademark or copyright violation to Amazon. 

Copyright violations can take place on various levels on Amazon. There are different requirements in some countries that protect “under copyright. Consequently, be aware that any product design may also be protected by copyright.

Here is a quick guide to reporting as a copyright infringement on Amazon:

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)-Level: If you see text or image on a product or packaging then you can report the ASIN for copyright infringement

Seller-Level: If the Seller page violates copyright then you can report it. If you do this, the product detail page and ASIN will not be deleted.

Image or Text: If a seller marks an image on a product detail page and it is there without your permission, you can report copyright infringement. If your account for an image or text, the ASIN and product detail page will continue on the website 

Final Words

Amazon established the option of branding your products on their platform. You can register your product at Amazon Brand Registry to protect your intellectual property rights. The company enables you to register various types of intellectual property, including trademark, copyright, and patent.

A copyright report on Amazon can be difficult and wearisome since sellers have to handle a lot of paperwork and legal language. Amazon is protected, therefore you cannot rely on Amazon or other sellers. 


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