How to Find & Evaluate Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers?

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How to Find & Evaluate Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers?


Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has become the wholesale sellers’ go-to destination for order fulfilment and shipping services. It’s an easy concept where Sellers sell products and Amazon takes care of shipping-related services.


Did you recognize that during 2021, approximately 56% of Amazon sales figures came from third-party sellers?


Seeing the profit share you want to be thinking of desperate to be a longtime Amazon FBA suppliers within the Amazon marketplace. Don’t you?


However, there’s no rocket science involved to work out a way to find Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers in 2022.


But if you don’t know where to start exploring Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers. Don’t worry, all you would like to try and do is follow the below-mentioned tips and you’re set to sail.


When selling on Amazon, you must follow different business models such as private label, retail arbitrage, drop shipping, and wholesale.


The Amazon wholesale suppliers business model consists of buying products in bulk at a wholesale cost and reselling them at a retail price. This is often the identical business model many brick-and-mortar stores follow, and you’ll be able to do the identical on Amazon!


Reselling wholesale-priced products on Amazon could be a good way to push into eCommerce, as you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or launch new products. You just resell other established brands for a profit.


Besides creating your own branded products through private labels, reselling wholesale products on Amazon is one of the simplest ways to profit as a seller — 26% of Amazon sellers follow the Amazon wholesale suppliers.


Buying products in bulk at a wholesale cost is what most businesses patronize.


Wholesale is one of the simplest strategies for Amazon sellers because you’ll replenish your inventory month after month from a legitimate source without having to order from China or patronise local retailers.


How to find FBA wholesale suppliers for amazon?


1.  You can buy from a reputable wholesale source


With this method, you may purchase products directly from the brand/manufacturer or distributor and receive a buying deal invoice when doing so. This is often important because wholesale suppliers for amazon fba may ask you for an invoice before selling a selected brand, and a receipt from a sales outlet won’t work.


2. You mustn’t order products from China or overseas


A huge benefit to selling wholesale products is that you simply should purchase from sources within your own country without browsing the import process. For instance, if you’re within the U.S., there are thousands of distributors you’ll be able to easily purchase products from and have them shipped on to your location.


● Have a replenishable source for products


Retail or online arbitrage could be a good way to sell and make money on Amazon, but you’ll have difficulty finding identical products repeatedly. Retailers may run out of stock in brick and mortar and online eCommerce.


Distributors or brands likely have lots of units available in the slightest degree of time, making it easier to re-up on inventory.


You don’t need to launch a brand new product.


You don’t have to launch or create a different product with wholesale reselling. you’re simply reselling other brands’ products with their approval on Amazon or other eCommerce marketplaces.


Where to search out wholesale manufacturers for your Amazon business.


When finding wholesale suppliers for amazon fba, there are some places you’ll be able to start. Let’s reassess them now.


● Go on to the brand


The best way, in my opinion, to source wholesale products, is by going on to the brand themselves. Don’t do this with large brands but rather small to medium-sized brands that sell well on Amazon. By contacting a brand directly, you’ll receive the simplest possible pricing on a product as you’re visiting the source, not a middleman like a wholesaler, distributor, or retailer.


The best brand to contact is also a little brand you’ve never heard of but has decent sales volume on Amazon. Search for that brand on Google, find their website and call information, and reach out to see if they want to line up a wholesale account.


Wholesale directories


A wholesale directory may be a valuable resource for locating companies that sell products in bulk to eCommerce sellers.


On this particular website, you’ll be able to search by category and find companies that sell discounted products you’ll sell for a profit online.


Many wholesale directories now also feature companies that may sell to Amazon and eCommerce sellers, making it easy to search out products you’ll offer.


Trade shows


Trade Shows host sellers from different industries and worldwide, which is a superb technique to explore opportunities within your niche. Attending such events opens you up to varied possibilities, like meeting like-minded people and networking. Trade shows are an occurrence that gathers shoppers and sellers from multiple industries in one place. You may get an opportunity to attach with established brands or suppliers of various sectors.


Meeting suppliers and distributors personally at a trade exhibition is unbelievable thanks to finding unique wholesale products to sell online. By attending trade shows, you’ve got a favorable position on 1,000s of other sellers who also are trying to source and sell identical products.


Meeting and speaking with a representative of a wholesale supplier are going to be rather more effective than emailing or perhaps calling asking to open a wholesale account. With trade shows, you furthermore may see products personally and might learn more about the vendors selling the products that you may online.


Another significant benefit is the ability to create relationships with vendors so you’ll continue working with them in the future.




There is likely a distributor for every industry or niche for specific forms of products. Distributors carry thousands of products from manufacturers and types and offer those products to retailers like yours.


Some brands don’t offer wholesale suppliers for Amazon fba directly. Instead, they’ll use distributors to sell their products at wholesale prices to other retailers. You can find distributors in all industries by trying to find them on Google.


One of the foremost trusted techniques for discovering reliable Amazon FBA suppliers is through a web wholesale directory. Certainly, there is plenty of software within the market that helps in sourcing and analyzing the products within the Amazon marketplace. But you would like the one that has identified what sellers are unaware of and helped them upscale their business. 


Asinwiser is one such intelligent and innovative tool. Join the Asinwiser Amazon FBA wholesale supplier directory. Get your free trial today.






This may sound obvious, but Google may be a good way to seek out suppliers for your wholesale business. It’s going to take some digging, but it’s still possible.


Search for wholesalers or distributors within the niche that you simply have an interest in.


Internet Search


Internet search with a correct set of keywords can facilitate you to get desired results to seek out the correct supplier. Google search with the right phrases will facilitate you in getting the most effective results. Though research doesn’t end with getting a supplier, you’ll also employ YouTube to urge suppliers.


Leverage LinkedIn 


LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional social network platform and could be the biggest asset for wholesale manufacturers. Most of the sellers use LinkedIn to expand their business online.


Follow the below mentioned instructions:

Log in to LinkedIn account (or register if you don’t have one).


Search using keywords such as; [name of the industry] manufacturer/manufacturing/supplier/wholesale/wholesalers.


Use tools like Jungle Scout


One of the foremost used FBA multi-tools is Jungle Scout. Using this amazon tool you’ll be able to find FBA sellers for any amazon product, too, with the press of a button. The fundamental plan is the best plan for the Supplier Database. All you wish to try and do is enter relevant keywords like product name, ASIN, supplier name, manufacturer’s name, or name. Jungle Scout is what beginners have to fast-track their search queries.


Types of Suppliers for Amazon


The popular kinds of suppliers: are wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, and drop ship suppliers.


1. Wholesale suppliers


Wholesalers provide sellers with the chance to shop for an outsized number of products at a far lower cost. If you get more products, the likelihood is high that you simply receive a much better discount for an order.




Low cost – Wholesalers offer huge discounts and competitive prices. If you select to shop in bulk, wholesale suppliers will lower the per-item cost. This enables you to supply more competitive prices on Amazon. Besides, most of the wholesalers are hospitable in negotiation, so you’ll be able to save some more bucks similarly.


Simplicity – Sourcing from wholesale suppliers is straightforward. You furthermore might get to explore different products from one supplier.




You’ll require a hefty amount to start sourcing from a wholesaler as you wish to buy more items without delay.


Inventory management and storage: Since orders are sent in bulk, you’ll have to scrutinize sustainable storage options to manage your inventory.


You also must sell your inventory without increasing the prices. If you’re confident that your product will generate enough sales, then it shouldn’t be a controversy. On the opposite hand, if your product is subjected to seasonality, then you’ll lose money because the inventory costs continue to grow.


2. Dropship Suppliers


Dropship suppliers are the foremost popular choice for e-commerce sellers. These amazon fba suppliers maintain inventory and send products directly to customers.




No inventory: Managing inventory is often daunting if you have got a busy and profitable Amazon store. Maintaining your inventory together with the extra effort to trace the shipping process will be extensive. The dropshipping model will obviate this hassle.


Low overhead costs: You don’t need to procure bulk products and won’t feel the pressure to empty the inventory. you merely pay the supplier as you sell the products. This suggests low overhead costs and financial risks.


Variety: Dropshipping is sort of adaptive. you’ll be able to change your Amazon FBA suppliers store to fit your customer demand. Supported customer requests and shopping trends, you’ll carry products that may reap profits.




Less Control: With drop shipping, you give control to the middleman over your shipping process. If the supplier is trustworthy and verified, this shouldn’t be a controversy. However, there’ll be room for mistakes and you have got less control over it compared to handling your inventory.


Stock issues: Since the provision of the stock is under the supplier’s control, it’d lead to out-of-stock.


Per-item costs: Since dropshipping is convenient and you’re not buying in bulk, the per-item costs tend to be higher in comparison to other models. Therefore, it’s harder for you to supply competitive prices on Amazon and be profitable.


3. Manufacturers


After you purchase directly from the manufacturer or producer, you may have great offers on prices but you wish to get massive minimum orders. Meaning, more investment up front. 




Like wholesalers, manufacturers also can give you a cost per item. However, they’ll be reluctant to barter prices.


You can ask the manufacturer to personalize the merchandise in step with your specifications. This may increase your advantage while selling on Amazon.




Large Minimum Order: If you’re visiting a purchase from the manufacturer, you ought to be able to pay them a hefty amount upfront. Therefore the minimum order can get expensive.


Reluctance to figure with SMEs: Most of the time, manufacturers are going to be less willing to figure with small-scale Amazon businesses. they’re more receptive working with bigger


If the supplier or distributor you wish to figure with has poor communication or takes forever to retort to inquiries, they’ll not be an honest option for you.


For Amazon fba wholesale suppliers or distributors, it’s important to work out the reputation of every business you wish to get products from. Attempt to find reviews, testimonials, or current customers you’ll contact to ask about their experience.


You wish to make sure that the business you get from has the things you wish available. for a few wholesalers, you will find that they’re frequently out of stock of things you’ll have an interest in. If you discover this to be the case, start trying to find more reliable sources.


Product costs


The most obvious point here is: what’s the value per unit of the things you’re inquisitive about purchasing? You want to evaluate the company’s pricing before making an outsized bulk purchase..


Wrapping up thoughts


One of the foremost challenging and essential aspects OF FBA business is Amazon wholesale suppliers. An efficient Amazon FBA suppliers also can facilitate the scale of your business because it saves time, money, and energy in fulfilling orders. In this way, you’ll focus more on your business’s core purposes and find a position over Amazon sales rank chart competitors. 


Let Asinwiser do the task for you; employ the quickest thanks to identifying and gaining insights about the Amazon sellers employing competitor research applications. Asinwiser is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, fba calculator, repricer and so on.