Sell Second Hand/Used Items on eBay

How To Make Money by Selling Second Hand/Used Items on eBay

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Many old items you have lying around the house can be worth a fortune on eBay, and you’ll need to know the social rules and tweaks to make the most money. This is a post about selling items on eBay and other second-hand storefronts.

Ways To Make Money by Selling Second Hand/Used Items on eBay

1. Know where to begin

eBay can help you reorganize your home while also being ecologically responsible – after all, if people are reusing your items instead of you throwing them in the trash, everyone wins.

Marketing on eBay isn’t just for some in the throes of a significant downsize – selling stuff you don’t use on a routine basis can provide frequent, ready cash.

2. Has it been a year since you used it? It should be flogged

Organization stock check their investments to determine their value, and you could do the same – walk via your home looking for valuable items you no longer need, then flog them.

Here’s what makes the most money; even if your item doesn’t match up into any of these sections, the dollars can add up, and you’ll profit from a more organized home.

• There are new items. DVDs encased in polythene and dresses with tags command a higher price.

• Merchandise with a distinctive brand.

• Keyword-rich items “Will someone look for this?” you might wonder.

• High-value items. Items that are rare or difficult to obtain always sell well.

3. Make use of your smartphone as a tool

If you have someone with a QR code and want to know how much its values are, there’s an easy way to find out. It could be that you’ve kept it in its original container or that it’s a DVD, CD, or book that only has the barcode inscribed on it.

Open the free eBay app on your iPhone or Android device, tap the search feature, then the camera, and finally the barcode icon. Your phone’s camera now serves as a barcode reader.

You can see the configuration on your device’s screen by pointing your camera at it; the app will scan the QR code and then list identical items to sell. Select the ‘sold items’ screen to see what objects have sold for in history.

4. Buy first to establish your credibility and ensure that you can sell at a reasonable price

Buy some personal objects you need before battering your cast-offs on eBay; you can purchase it all from tights to detergent on eBay and save money in the process.

This will give you a better understanding of how the system functions and improve your review rating. Buyers are hesitant to do biz with vendors who have no reviews, and even if they do, your item is reluctant to sell for market price.

The worst blunder you can make is to sign up at the beginning and try to sell a valuable item like an iPhone without any feedback.

5. For buyers, look for super-cheap local deals

Whether selling designer sofas, kitchen appliances, Wiis, or children’s stories, eBay sellers frequently stipulate that items must be picked up in person. As a result, there are often very few bids, indicating great deals to be had.

Using eBay’s enhanced search tool, you can look for ‘pick-up only’ items marked as ‘collect in person.’ However, we’ve created a tool that allows users to quickly track and map gems in their area.

6. Keep an eye on what others are doing to get ideas on how to sell your items

The beauty of eBay is that you can see how much other people have paid for similar items and how the other retailers have outlined their goods. Search for the product you want to sell, then select ‘show only auctioned items’ from the left-hand menu.

You’ll be allowed and see how many bids similar products received, as well as how much the winning bids were.

Have you come across a product that looks exactly like yours? Click ‘Sell it yourself,’ which will fill in much of the booking form for you; however, don’t copy representations or pictures verbatim from another listing.

7. What eBay’s fee and payment restructuring mean

Ebay’s seller payments and payouts have been restructured. Rather than paying through PayPal, it will soon pay all vendors access to the bank accounts. Plus, instead of being instant, funds will take a few days to reach your savings account.

According to eBay, a large percentage of merchants have already transitioned or have been welcomed to switch to the new billing system. By the end of the year, the residual few will be invited. According to eBay, if you want to keep selling on eBay, you must make the switch.

8. Take advantage of the weekend ‘sell for £1 maximum’ sales

Every frequent eBay seller adores seeing a few little texts in their email account: “Sell for £1 max!”

eBay occasionally runs promotions in which you can pay ultimate fees of no more than £1 on all products you list for a set period. Throughout the weekend, the promotions usually last two or three days.

These are good times to start selling, especially if you have high-value items to get rid of.


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