Ultimate Guide for 2022: Amazon PPC Strategies

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Ultimate Guide for 2022: Amazon PPC Strategies

Did you know that sponsored ads can benefit your business, increase your visibility, influence more shoppers and improve your sales? If not, then read on to learn more.

Advertising on Amazon is one of the most reliable ways for marketers and sellers to drive sales quickly and increase brand awareness among customers. By doing so, you can turn a potential customer into a customer. That is one of the reasons why Amazon has emerged as the most prevalent advertising platform.


Amazon PPC and Amazon are already doing an outstanding job of using it in organic search results when visitors click on sponsored listings without knowing they have clicked on advertisements.


It is quintessential to understand the terms of Amazon PPC because they can effortlessly impact your budget if you are not aware of what you are trying to accomplish.

If you wish to get detailed insight into the Pay Per Click Campaign, a complete Amazon PPC guide will help you lead a successful Amazon sponsored ads campaign.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC, also known as Sponsored Products, and a well-known advertising platform. To support sellers increase their product sales online. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is when an advertiser funds only the advertisement that a possible buyer clicks and views product. With PPC, advertisers particularly pay when a visitor clicks on the ad. Sellers can use Amazon Advertising to create more brand awareness, sales, Amazon Store visits, etc.

Is Amazon PPC Worth It?

Running a successful Amazon PPC advertising campaign encourages you to increase your sales, enhance organic rankings, and build brand awareness if you use Amazon as a selling platform. But not an advertising platform and probably missing out on a tremendous opportunity. 

How does the Amazon PPC auction work?

The Amazon PPC auction process is simple. Each advertiser submits a default bid and competes against each other for ad spots. However, the bid set by the highest bidder is not necessarily the cost-per-click.

The cost-per-click (CPC) for a keyword or targeted ASIN will depend on the highest bid, but it isn’t always the highest bid.

An intelligent software tool—Asinwiser— is what you need as an Amazon. It is an impeccable solution for your all needs, including product research,  competitor research, and profitability calculator.

Why should a Seller try Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is generally very effective compared with other advertising channels because it allows you to reach shoppers on the platform where they make purchases, i.e., Amazon.Amazon PPC will enable you to promote your products with prominent placements on Amazon with ads appearing on the desktop and mobile browsers and Amazon’sAmazon’s app. With Amazon PPC, you can get different Amazon ad types depending on your goals, and you can check and flexibly set and scale your budget. In addition, you can easily understand how certain advertisements have performed with various detailed reports. Amazon advertising allows different targeting methods from keywords to categories, brands, and products (ASINs—Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) and remarketing on external websites to ensure that advertising reaches the desired audience.

What are the Amazon ads pricing/fees?

Sponsored Products and display advertisements are bought on a cost-per-click basis, which means Amazon ads are displayed without spending money. Amazon ads pricing plan is transparent and straightforward. Suppose you pay for your advertisements when a potential buyer clicks on the ad and spends per click and, therefore, the amount you pay on commercials, only pay for ads when someone clicks on one of them. Because you set your bids and daily advertising budget and have total control over how much the expenditure is. Sponsored ad campaigns are effortless and less complicated to set up.

Why is Amazon PPC Advertising important?

Amazon PPC assists you in getting your product in the top search results. Using paid ads, you can earn clicks and traffic from competitors.

It’s quintessential to establish the relationship between paid and organic placements:

  • Paid placements are PPC ads that a customer sees on Amazon’sAmazon’s website, for which you will only pay when a buyer clicks on your ad. 
  • Organic placements are several relevant results based on the search inputs, and you don’t handle if a customer clicks on a product listing or not.


Efficient PPC advertising results in more paid sales, customer reviews, and better organic positioning. Still, if you have compelling brands with thousands of glowing customer reviews and optimal Best Seller Rank (BSR), you will continue advertising aggressively on Amazon. Due to the high competition in the marketplace, there are always challenger brands looking to degrade their market share. 

Although Amazon PPC advertising usually targets consumers to purchase, a brand awareness mindset can be adopted for the Sponsored Brands campaigns within Amazon Advertising. This ad type features a product logo, a custom headline, and multiple products.

When Should a Seller Activate Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)?

To activate Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) as soon as you have a new listing. However, to develop the effectiveness of the Amazon PPC campaign, wait till your listing has comprehensive reviews.

Nevertheless, it would be better to begin the Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign as soon as the listing is live to identify the right set of keywords and understand the competition of the right keywords.

This will also assist you in understanding the typical budget you need to run Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Based on this information, you can also adjust the pricing to ensure that you are selling profitably.

Terms Used In PPC

Amazon PPC revolves around two essential terms frequently used. These involve:

  • Search Terms: These are the specific terms that a possible buyer types in Amazon’sAmazon’s search box. The effect is typically your product Ad. It may be the same as the typed keyword.
  • Keywords: Amazon Keywords let sellers choose which search terms they require their ads to appear on Amazon. If a seller’s keyword appears identical to the buyer’s search term, the ad will be promoted on Amazon.

Search queries are a more experienced set than keywords, and by looking at the search queries, you can recognize different keywords to aim for in PPC Campaigns. Using search Term querying can also be an excellent way to determine negative terms eating up your PPC money. For example, Amazon determines whether or not to promote a product depending on the keyword and the pick-out keyword.

Final thought

Amazon Ads are an indispensable part of an active Amazon marketing strategy. It is a great idea to run ads that drive sales at break-even to encourage Amazon organic sales, and it can not be relied upon to get all the deals you want to rank on page one in each case. More competitive your niches are, excellent will be Amazon SEO & listing optimization. Therefore, you can add surface traffic to get the sales rank on page one.