3 Ways to Follow to Become an Excellent Liquidation Buyer

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3 Ways to Follow to Become an Excellent Liquidation Buyer


1. Resale Certificate


You’ll need a resale certificate if you want to buy from a lot of liquidation companies. Furthermore, a resale certificate notifies the state that you are a business. Also, you are exempt from paying sales tax on the items you purchase. 


In addition, most larger liquidation companies prefer to work with people who have resale certifications. However, it clearly signifies that they are serious about their business and want to grow it. 


Unfortunately, some people refuse to register for a resale certificate because they refuse to pay taxes. However, there’s no getting around it if you’re serious about growing your company. One way or another you’ll have to deal with the taxman later if you don’t register and become successful.


2. Understand Costs


Many of our consumers are unaware of certain fees. Moreover, they could overestimate marketplace fees, shipping charges, or the cost of inventory processing. 


They’ll put a lot of money into a truckload of products, but processing and selling it will take six months. That’s a long time to transport a trailer full of goods. Because their assets are linked to this one truckload, they may miss out on other possibilities during that period. One of the most important aspects that even seasoned sellers overlook is the time value of money.


For liquidated stock, there are a number of auction-driven systems that charge a ‘buyer’s premium.’ Moreover, it’s normally a percentage of the purchase price, ranging from 3% to 5%. In addition, many individuals become enthralled by the auction environment, and the winning notion becomes a huge thing for them. They are outbid by $10, and they want the high bid back, so the price progressively rises.


Furthermore, they must pay the buyer’s premium on top of their winning bid, as well as logistics fees, if they win the auction. All of this can be readily forgotten in the frenzy of the auction. It is suggested that auction bidders set their highest bid in advance of the auction. Also, they need to take into account all charges and fees, and then don’t go any higher, no matter what.


3. Evaluate Quality


In most cases, the quality of the contents cannot be determined merely by the manifest. However, just because a product is listed on a manifest doesn’t guarantee that the box will be in good condition or that the thing inside will be brand new. Furthermore, even with the manifest, determining the condition of the product is difficult.


Many liquidation companies do not guarantee quality and will just provide you with a broad description of the items’ condition. In addition, when they grade products, they use a variety of classifications, such as the following:


Damage to the box may be seen.

Never used, brand new

Scratches and dents 

Re-seal the container after opening it.


Moreover, many liquidation companies do not guarantee quality. And, they will just provide you with a broad description of the items’ condition. When they grade products, they use a variety of classifications. 


Even if liquidators issue a grade, the accuracy of the grade will vary greatly. However, if you’ve never worked with a firm before, we recommend purchasing the least quantity feasible to give them a try. 


In addition, you need to inspect things in person if possible. Some liquidators hold live auctions, allowing you to inspect the pallets in person and place a bid on one that you prefer.



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