Run a profitable amazon business

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Stand out of 8M+ Amazon sellers (Including Amazon), and top your market. Source, analyze, order, list, reprise and restock. All-in-one tool
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Save hundreds of dollars juggling multiple tools

AsinWiser is an AI amazon tool designed and built for Amazon resellers by amazon sellers. With a focus on small to medium sellers, the tool grants access to valuable and actionable insight about the Amazon ecosystem by leveraging data. The secret to thriving amazon businesses.

Manage your entire customer journey with one tool

We understand the pain and struggles amazon sellers are constantly faced with. And to solve these problems, we built AsinWiser, a powerful suite with every tool Amazon sellers need, ranging from product research to restocking the next winning idea – all in one place.

The toolkit for profitable amazon businesses

Find winning products

Save up to 40 hours of product & market research

See what's Hot on Amazon in just a click. With zero headaches, Aniwiser helps you Find the right product validated with a potential customer base. With our tool, The Right Product + Right Market = Success.

Be 1 in 8M+ Amazon sellers crushin’ it

without a marketing mojo

You don’t need a degree in marketing to succeed as an amazon seller – writing persuasive copy, conducting market research, and editing search tags and keywords. Ditch hours of product research and switch to Aniwiser.

With just a few clicks* Asinwiser helps you pick the most profitable product to sell, track your competitors, identify your suppliers accurately, and improve your performance.

So you can make the best decisions for your amazon business!

Beat the price wars

Stay competitive without lowering your prices

Our repricer tool actively looks at every user’s listing on amazon and adjusts prices automatically to win Buybox. So that you get significant profit based on margins.

Don't lose your business to poor bookkeeping

Don’t burn cash hiring a virtual assistant either

You can't run a successful amazon business with just an expense spreadsheet or rough balance sheet. As your business grows, there are tendencies your inventory management will get unmanageable.

So what to do when Inventory goes missing all the time - unless you are constantly opening cases to ensure everything is accounted for? Which is brain-draining and time-consuming.

Aniwiser’s inventory management system helps track your inventory so you know the perfect time to restock and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

“A must have software if you are serious about your business.”
Amazon Seller Review About asinwiser Software
Amazon seller, UK

AsinWiser is an AI platform built from 20+ years real-life experience with 100k+ in revenue

Why 1265k Amazon sellers trust Asinswiser

ZERO risk involved

If you are unable to make wholesale leads after 4 months of using the tool, you get your money back. No questions asked.

No hackers, no malware. 100% secure

Our tools have a highly-secured encrypted system that protects your data from cyberattacks.

Accurate Results And User-Friendly Interface

With our tools, you can easily extract the essential data for your business based on highly accurate results and an easy-to-use interface.

Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Track your inventory and know the perfect time to restock with our l inventory management system – so you can eliminate unnecessary expenses.

10x Your Sales And Profits

Identify the best-performing products and stay ahead of your competitors – so you can 10x your sales and profits rapidly or even more. Identify the best-performing products and stay ahead of your competitors – so you can 10x your sales and profits rapidly or even more.

Hear what Erdal had to say…

“Adjusting prices for multiple countries without missing profitability has always been a pain. Thank you, Global Seller team, for making this so easy for us.”
Erdal Kara
Amazon Seller, Turkey

Setup? Easy as pie

Setting up a new Amazon tool can be a drag. We know. That’s why Asinwiser has been built intuitively so it’s quick and easy to set up. Plus, you have access to short learning videos and 24/7 support from our team.

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Our Unique Features

Product research

Pick The Most Profitable Product To Sell For Your Business. also you can search the product with deferent category.

Competitor research

Track Your Competitors, Improve Your Performance And Take The Best Decisions For Your Amazon Business.

Amazon Wholesale supplier Directory

wholesale Supplier directory

Identify Your whole Suppliers Accurately And Efficiently

Profitability calculator

Estimate Your Income And Profitability And Take Better Decisions For Your Amazon Business.

Bulk profitabilty Calculator

Discover Profitable, Fast-Selling Amazon Products Quickly By Scanning Wholesale Product Lists

If you are an Amazon seller, we have something special for you