Discover profitable, fast-selling Amazon products quickly by scanning wholesale product lists

With Asinwiser Bulk profitability calculator, you can get a detailed overview of the most profitable products on Amazon.

How it works?

You can scan your files with the template provided in the app.copy your pricelist from the supplier in to the template and click upload.our superfast scanner will scan all profitable results.Once scan is complete results will be emailed to you or you could access form the history button.

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Introducing Bulk Scan

Using Amazonwiser's powerful data search, you can quickly find the data you need to make informed buying decisions.

Product information

You will be able to make informed decisions about sourcing by diving deeper into an Amazon listing provided by our bulk calculator..

Detailed profit Calculation

With our bulk Amazon selling profit calculator sellers can figure out Amazon seller fees, income, and profit. Incorporate your unique identifiers (UPC, ASIN, SKU, and so on) and get projected Amazon fulfilment prices for thousands of items per search in bulk.

What people are asking?

Most frequent questions and answers
Common Issues When Uploading A Product List
Scientific Notation issues
Product information may be formatted as scientific notation when saving a file within various spreadsheet software, especially when saving as a CSV.
Uploading the Wrong Sheet
For excel files, Asinwiser will process the files only if a right template is used.A sample template is available to download from the webapp.
Asinwiser keeps your completed file last five files for results for two years, allowing you to iverify old files and see how prices, competition, etc have changed over last two years.At present five past scan files are stored.If you need more files stored contact our support team.
Asinwiser has a 35mb file limitation. There is currently no limit on the number of products that can be run in a single file.If your file is greater than 35mb, then you will need to reduce the file size in order to get it to run. Don’t worry, this can be easily rectified. Steps
1.Open the file in Excel.
2.Delete the product description column
3.Save the file This will usually bring the file size down dramatically and usually solves the issue.If it doesn’t then contact our friendly team .
You can export your files using the export feature to excel sheets or google sheets.

Customers reviews

“While focusing on the competitive pricing, I didn`t realize how much profit we`ve lost on the way. Global Seller app provided our company to see our pricing parameters with 100% transparency and accuracy.”
Lina Roy
Amazon Seller, United States
“Adjusting prices for multiple countries without missing profitability has been always a pain. Thank you, Global Seller team, for making this so easy for us.”
Erdal Kara
Amazon Seller, Turkey
“In the past, we lost so much money as exchange rates fluctuated heavily. Asinwiser's team automated price updates based on exchange rates saved us!”
Wei Zhang
Amazon Seller, China