Brand story and short term vision

Asinwiser is an intelligent amazon tool designed and built for Amazon resellers by amazon sellers.

Our aim is to help Amazon resellers especially small to medium sellers to have the knowledge and insights about Amazon ecosystem by leveraging data. It’s our belief that these data was either available to large sellers using custom built software or data available was patchy.


Our USP – We leverage data to help small to medium businesses to make sensible sourcing decisions.


Pain points that most Amazon business sellers  face is to identify products to resell on Amazon. The software idea itself was originated when we as sellers had to spend hours and hours of research to identify products to resell on Amazon. Our unique software will help to identify thousands of products to resell from the millions of products in the Amazon ecosystem.


Traditional sourcing methods were time consuming and took hours to identify products to resell .Even after spending hours on Amazon research sellers used to identify products that might not be profitable.


The common feedback that we have from sellers to name a few includes 

Let’s look at a scenario 


There are over 15 categories where you can identify profitable products. In those categories there are millions of products those sell at least two or three time a day.


I am struggling to reach my first thousand or ten thousand pounds a month sales target every month.

Have you ever heard of the golden 270 SKUs ? 


Let us explain 


Our question back to all the sellers you only need 270 SKUs or 270 products that you can sell on Amazon to reach a million pounds on sale volume in a calendar year.


Feeling surprised or doubtful 


Let us elaborate on the maths on this 


You need 270 products which sells at least once a day at ten pounds to reach a million pound sale volume


270    *  10    = 2700

2700 * 365 = 98550 


If you are thinking you cannot identify 270 products to source from millions of products from Amazon in multiple categories then there is an issue with the sourcing methods.


Asinwiser gives you insights in to best selling products in all the categories in Amazon to help you identify the golden 270 SKUs.


Asinwiser’s product research and competitor research tools will help you identify potential products to resell on amazon with click of few buttons and wise filters.


Why have we gone through this is to get to our vision – short term of course.


Our short term vision is to create a community of at least 1000 amazon sellers to get to their first million in sales. We are confident that once you reach 1 million in sales you will be able to scale by rinsing and repeating  the process.


Our motto is going to be – to offer superior customer service and support to all sellers using our software to get their short medium or long term goals.


We promise that all our future builds will be based on the community of sellers feedback using our software.


Asinwiser’s team will be there to support you wherever your journey is at in the Amazon selling.


We really hope that you will join our journey for all your future success.