Asinwiser - Amazon repricer that gets you the Buybox

Sell more at higher profits

Price up and down

When the competition is high prices will vary up and down to their stocks. It will be high when competitors are out of stock.

Velocity repricing

Always focus on stock levels. You can sell at a high price when stock levels are high. Increase price when your stock goes down a preselected level. Alwayz monitor the sales frequency with competitors.

Amazon Buy Box predictor

You can win the Buy box by identifying products with a high and low price.


We need to analyze some factors such as sales history, Buy box performance, stock levels and a host of other factors. Change repricing strategy automatically based on these factors.

Net-margin repricing

Profit will be based on every sale. Enter your desired cost ,so that you can target your profit margin.


You can raise your product to quiet periods of the week by scheduling time specific rules that optimize your repricing control.

Reprice across all Amazon channels

You can manage pricing on Amazon marketplaces and grow your business internationally with a high margin of profit.

Competitor Analysis

Spy on your top rivals

You can analyze which products competitors are beating your sale, the sellers fulfillment methods and the average selling price.

Take quick action

Always keep an eye on repricing for demand of products and stock available in market. You can view with all the relevant information at hand, you can choose to individually target your biggest competitors with a single click. You can select a price against them based on fulfillment stock levels and more.

Buy Box winners

View who is beating you to the Buy Box and take action to increase your sales in repricing.

Price movement

Make smart repricing decisions based on the price and sales history of your products, along with the corresponding buy box winner for every SKU(Stock Keeping Unit).

Flexible rules

Fulfilment method

You can win the Buy Box with intelligent repricing rules that compete with competitors depending on whether they are Prime, FBA, FBM or seller-fulfilled by Amazon.

Individual sellers

Earn super granular by targeting individual sellers with tailored needs. It means within one-off, short or mid-term across sales and marketing functions contributing to your growth cost-effectively and flexibly according to your requirements and budget.


We need to have 5 star seller ratings. Then only to target your rivals by their feedback count and score. Price up when your rivals run out of stock. Make an adjustment to your strategy automatically when your inventory runs low.

Stock levels

You can Increase your stock levels based on the profits by incrementally raising your price when you own the competitors.

When Buy Box winner

You can Increase your profits by incrementally raising your price when you own the Buy Box.

Last sale

Last scale means slow moving inventory. Speed up your sales by setting rules based on your last sale date follow up.

Out of bounds sellers

Always Ignore sellers who sell outside your minimum price bounds, so that you avoid price defeat and never sell at a loss.


Selling domestically or internationally set Amazon repricing rules that take account of the competing seller location to ensure that you win the sale at the best price.


Flag the underperformers

The reports show which SKUs haven’t sold in the last weeks and the last 25 days and flag normally high performing SKUs that have not sold in the last 24hrs. It can be easy to identify for repricing.

See your biggest movers

Keep eye on which SKUs had the biggest increases in sales, the ones that are making the most revenue and the most sales in products..

Inventory reports

You can identify which products are out of stock and the top 25 products at risk of going out of stock.

Understand your pricing boundaries

You can decide and adjust your prices according to the minimum or maximum stock levels or demand…

Fulfillment methods

You can overview which products are using which fulfillment methods and how they are performing.

Multichannel pricing

Hassle-free, multichannel pricing

You can connect your sales channels and select the Amazon marketplace whose prices you want to replicate, and you will have consistent multi channel pricing within minutes.

Automated, flexible pricing

Merge some or all of your inventory and Asinwiser Repricer will automatically update your pricing in real-time across channels.

Seamlessly integrated with everywhere you sell

Asinwiser Repricer allows you to connect and synchronize your pricing strategy across other marketing businesses such as eBay, Magento, Walmart, Shopify, Mirakl, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and more.

Asinwiser Repricer Multichannel Pricing works with

(* features releasing soon)

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