Estimate your income and profitability and take better decisions for your amazon business.

Determine your costs and profits with Asinwiser profitability calculator

The Profitability Calculator can assist you in determining how much it will charge you to market your goods. Evaluate associated costs like shipping, storage fees, and production costs to get an accurate view of your Return-on-investment (ROI) and profit margins.

How it works?

Asinwiser profitability calculator is an easy-to-use innovative tool that is the state-of-the-art solution to upscale your online business. All you have to do is insert the price and select the relevant Goods Category for your products. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of all Amazon fulfillment fees. Packing supplies, Labor, monthly storage, shipping rates, and consumer expenditures are all taken into account. You’ll get a rundown of the calculation with fulfillment expenses, net profit, selling fees, and a percentage margin. You may experiment with figures to come up with a suitable sale price based on your purchase price, and you can do so without taking any risk. You’ll never want to do it manually again, which is a time-consuming process. However, you’ll always know how much profit you’re making on each transaction with the FBA profitability calculator.

Our features

Bulk Scan

With Asinwiser's powerful data search, you can quickly find the information you need to make informed Amazon business decisions.

Estimate your expenses

By using our profitability calculator, you can estimate your expenses in advance.

Estimate your income

Calculate your revenue from your products with our profitability calculator - so you can keep track of your profits.

User-friendly interface

Our tool is designed for a seamless and easy to use experience – so that you can learn and use it effectively.

What people are asking?

Most frequent questions and answers
An Amazon FBA calculator is helpful to look into the profit, revenue, and probable success you can garner from your business venture.
Asinwiser is a reliable and trustworthy platform to perform all your FBA related calculations. It can be in the form of profit, revenue, and other essential research to improve your business.
With Asinwiser, you can find out about product profitability, perform a comparison between different fulfillme
When you sell products on Amazon via FBA, you need to have a proper idea of the revenue you can earn. For that purpose, you have to rely upon an FBA revenue calculator like Asinwiser. With this tool, you can perform in-depth research on the product, its competitors, and more to explore the different ways to enhance your revenue.

Customers reviews

“While focusing on the competitive pricing, I didn`t realize how much profit we`ve lost on the way. Global Seller app provided our company to see our pricing parameters with 100% transparency and accuracy.”
Lina Roy
Amazon Seller, United States
“Adjusting prices for multiple countries without missing profitability has been always a pain. Thank you, Global Seller team, for making this so easy for us.”
Erdal Kara
Amazon Seller, Turkey
“In the past, we lost so much money as exchange rates fluctuated heavily. Asinwiser's team automated price updates based on exchange rates saved us!”
Wei Zhang
Amazon Seller, China