Pick the most profitable product to sell for your business.

Asinwiser Product research tool assists you to find the perfect products to sell for you – so you can boost your sales.

There are 350 million+ products on amazon and it can be really complicated and time taking to find the products that makes recurring profits for you. Its just like finding a diamond in a huge pile of mud. 

Using the Amazonwiser product research tool, you can find highly profitable and less saturated Amazon products that will generate large sales.

How Asinwiser product research tool will benefit you?

Find opportunities for reselling with wise filters and custom parameters for amazon wholesale, retail and online arbitrage sellers!

Discover the best products to resell from our database of more than 50 million products. Use wise filters to find and analyze products that are highly profitable, less competitive and suits your needs and preferences.

Fields of expertise

Track the performance of your product

With Asinwiser product research tool, you can track how your product is performing in the amazon marketplace. With this, you can evaluate and get better insights to sell the type of products that are profitable for your business.

Perfect for Amazon FBA sellers

You can perform hassle-free product research with our Asinwiser product research tool as an Amazon FBA seller. It will help you identify good products to sell on Amazon and also find products sold by Amazon. It will make Amazon your competitor, which is something you have to keep an eye on while selling on Amazon.

How it works?

Once you have logged into Asinwiser, you can access the product research tool. Here, you can select the desired category and brand to perform the search. One of the product research examples is considering the category to be beauty. You can also focus on a specific brand to conduct your Amazon research. Now, you can use a random Amazon item finder option without selecting any brand as well. Besides, you can set advanced filters like ranking, price range, number of sellers, etc. Within seconds, Asinwiser will perform your product search, and you can get details of different products or brands selling in the selected category. If you have chosen beauty, you can find brands like Garnier, Bourjois, and others. From here, you can then move ahead with the Amazon profitability calculator, competition research, and finding a wholesale supplier directory. Through this, you can garner all the relevant information to enhance your sales in one place. With these many features, Asinwiser can be your go-to solution for your Amazon product research needs.

What people are asking?

Most frequent questions and answers
Our product research tool is simple and user friendly.You log in to the tool select the market place ,category and brands that you want to identify and click search.All the data that you need for identifying the products will be available in a few clicks.
We update our datasets on a regular basis and data that you would see will help with your sourcing needs.As with all software we recommend using your due diligence
Asinwiser has been created primarily for sellers using the arbitrage model -wholesale ,online or retail.Our software could be used by private label sellers as well .contact us for a demo if you need further rinformation.
We are the only software provider currently offering an all in one suite for your amazon arbitrage business needs.Product research to restock.We are confident that we will be able to help with your entire customer journey.

Customers reviews

“While focusing on the competitive pricing, I didn`t realize how much profit we`ve lost on the way. Global Seller app provided our company to see our pricing parameters with 100% transparency and accuracy.”
Lina Roy
Amazon Seller, United States
“Adjusting prices for multiple countries without missing profitability has been always a pain. Thank you, Global Seller team, for making this so easy for us.”
Erdal Kara
Amazon Seller, Turkey
“In the past, we lost so much money as exchange rates fluctuated heavily. Asinwiser's team automated price updates based on exchange rates saved us!”
Wei Zhang
Amazon Seller, China