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You must comprehend Amazon UK selling fees to run a long-term, lucrative business on the platform. With such a wide range of fees that aren’t always easy to decipher on accounts, getting your mind around them before selling could be crucial. Asinwiser Amazon Fee calculators can help with this.

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Asinwiser fee calculators on Amazon can assist you in estimating what amazon selling fees you’ll face while selling your products and whether they’ll be lucrative. This job should be done early on to avoid unpleasant shocks later on. So, where do you look for good ones, and how do you put them to good use?

Learn how to manage your selling fees on Amazon efficiently.

Accounting on Amazon can be difficult. A lot is going on with sales tax, numerous fees, and the sheer volume of transactions. Learn how to manage your Amazon cost calculator easily. Let’s get this started.

Calculator for Amazon Seller Fees 

Let’s look at the best Amazon Pricing calculator and what it offers now that you’re familiar with the recurring fees and prospective fees associated with selling on Amazon. Amazon Fee calculators can be divided into three types: revenue calculators, fulfillment by seller calculators, and FBA calculators.

You can check different product niches and their calculation accordingly such as electronics sales calculator, amazon book sales calculator, and so on. 

Furthermore, with Asinwiser you are not just restricted to an amazon calculator to obtain the final fee calculator.. But you can also check for the eBay fees calculator as well and can obtain the eBay final fee calculator for all your product niches.

Amazon Referral Fees 

The online Amazon Price Calculator is exactly what you need to figure out how much profit you’ll make. The referral fee differs depending on the product category. Including within product categories, Amazon’s selling fees differ from one product to the next.

The referral fee in the PC, Electronics, and Wireless category, for example, is 16 percent. laptops for 5%, and mobile phones and tablets for 5%, Automobile accessories account for 17 percent.

Suppose, iIf you offer a phone for Rs 10,000, you’ll pay a referral fee of Rs 500 and a closing fee of Rs 40. Closure fee: Depending on the product type, Amazon charges a set-closing fee. Then there’s the cost of the courier. Take a look at the table to learn more about closing costs in general and what percentage does amazon takes. Let’s check:

Price, including shipping Rs Closing Fees Rs
0 to 250 2
251 to 500 5
501 to 1000 20
Over 1000 40

Courier Fees

FBA Fee Calculator India

fba calculator india

It is important to note that pickup charges and delivery fees vary depending on regional zones, distance, and parcel weight or dimension.

Regional Zone 1 Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, and Uttarakhand.
Regional Zone 2 Chattisgarh, Diu & Daman, Goa, Dadra and Nagar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
Regional Zone  3 Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Telangana and Lakshwadeep
Regional Zone  4 Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Tripura, and Sikkim

Fees differ depending on whether you’re moving inside or across areas. These are divided into three categories: local, regional, and national. The table below provides an overview:


Easy Ship Weight Handling Fees in Rs.
Local Regional National 
Standard Size Up to 500 gms 27 45 65
Additional 500 gms 16 21 26
Oversize Items Up to 5 Kgs 124 168 213
Each additional Kg 7 9 14
Heavy and Bulky Items Up to 12 Kgs fixed 175 255
Each additional Kgs 3.5 4.5


Guide to the Amazon Calculator

We’ve provided step-by-step guides for each Amazon pricing calculator below to help you get the most out of them.

If you’re a new seller or aren’t sure whether to use FBA or fulfill orders yourself, we recommend comparing calculator findings.

How to Use the Amazon Fulfillment Revenue Calculator

This is an excellent all-around player. Aside from being a useful comparative tool for FBA and manual fulfillment, this calculator is also useful.

Once you’ve estimated the fulfillment expenses, you can use the Fulfillment by Amazon calculator to calculate monthly revenue or sales growth.

The following is a step-by-step guide to using the Amazon Fulfillment income calculator:

  • Step One: Go to the Amazon website and look for your goods.
  • Step Two: Enter the price of your product in both of the boxes after “Item price.”
  • Step Three: Calculate the amount you want to charge the buyer to cover amazon shipping fees.
  • Step Four: To calculate the shipping cost, go to “Cost of seller fulfillment” under “Fulfillment costs” and enter the “Detailed fulfillment costs.”

You can then charge this amount to the buyer in the “Shipping” section above.

  • Step Five: In the “Ship to Amazon” section, enter the cost of delivering your product to Amazon.
  • Step Six: Enter the “Monthly storage cost per item” amount under storage cost.
  • Step Seven: In the “Average inventory units stored” field, enter the average amount of the product you have on hand.
  • Step eight: Click “Calculate” after entering the cost of the product per unit (cost to you as the seller).

You’ll find simplified profit and margin values under “Net profitability.” This is the cost of your goods minus the cost of production.

The Amazon fulfillment and referral expenses were automatically created when the calculations were completed.

  • Examine the values you’ve entered to make sure they’re accurate. If you make any alterations to the settings, click “Calculate” once more.


If you use Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) programme, Amazon online India will store your products, pack and ship them, and handle returns. You must pay Amazon’s FBA Fulfillment fees, which are listed below.


Fulfillment Fees Rs (for small items)
Small Sized Items Local Regional  National
Pick and Pack Fees per pc 10
Storage Fees per cubic foot per month 20
Weight Handling Fees
Small Sized Items Local Regional  National
First 500 gms(based on outbound shipping weight) 24 30 55
Each additional 500 gms up to 1 Kg 15 19 25
FBA for Standard Size Items Rs.
Pick and Pack Fees per unit 15
Storage Fees (cubic foot/month) 20
Weight Handling Fees
First 500 gms 24 30 55
Additional 500 gms up to 1 Kg 15 19 25
Each additional Kg 7 8 13
FBA Oversize Items
Pick and Pack Fees per unit 25
Storage Fees (cubic foot/month) 20
Weight Handling Fees Rs.
Up to 5 kg minimum  70 85 135
Each additional kg 7 8 13
FBA for oversize and heavy, bulky items
Pick and Pack Fees 50
Storage Fees (cubic foot/month) 20
Weight Handling Fees Rs. 
Up to 12 Kgs minimum  160 240
Each additional Kg 3 4


Revenue Calculator for Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon’s FBA calculator is a comparison tool that compares Amazon’s fulfillment expenses against the seller’s fulfillment charges (Fulfillment by Merchant, or FBM).

This calculator gives vendors with a professional strategy the upper hand. Although you can use this calculator as an individual seller, you must use Amazon’s tools to enter all shipping credits.

  • The Amazon revenue calculator includes the option to experiment with an estimated monthly sales increase.
  • The option to view monthly revenue by changing the number of products sold per month.
  • The ability to sign in as a seller or use the calculator as a guest, as well as descriptions and a help section for each stage of the amazon cost calculator process.

The Pros of the Amazon Calculator:

  • All FBA and referral expenses are automatically incorporated as the ASIN is entered.
  • Allows you to enter all fees and expenditures linked with your fulfillment process in one place.

Revenue, costs, seller proceeds, and net profit are detailed computations. There is a description of what costs are involved in each of these four categories.

The cons of using the Amazon calculator:

  •         It does not include fees associated with Amazon’s seller plan.
  •         Individual sellers’ shipping credits are not automatically included.
  •         This calculator Amazon appears to be complicated at first glance, and without a guide, it could take some time to figure out.

Challenges with Calculating Amazon Fees

It will be tough to account for costs and variations in your initial Amazon fee computation. These frequently refer to things dependent on your performance or platform decisions beyond your control. These are basic things to be aware of to prepare as much as possible. Here are a few instances of what I mean:

  •         Fees for returning items: Additional costs may apply to FBA sellers if an item is returned and is not covered by the FBA inventory reimbursement program.
  •         Fees for storage: If your things don’t sell for any reason and you use FBA to fulfill them, you’ll almost certainly have to pay long-term storage fees.
  •         Increases in annual fees: Around December of each year, Amazon releases FBA fee revisions. The event was postponed from last year until June 2021 to offer merchants some breathing room during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, new sellers must be aware of this and remember to account for it each year.

Amazon Fees, in a Nutshell,


It’s no overstatement to suggest that Amazon has its own set of fees, some of which you can anticipate and others of which may be contingent on how your things sell.

A few regular Amazon fees should be at the top of your list when estimating your prospective profit margins. What happens next hangs on the type of seller and what you’re selling.

Make sure you have the right tools and techniques for your online business. Go and check Asinwiser’s Amazon Fees Calculator to solve all your concerns. 

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