Track your competitors, improve your performance and take the best decisions for your amazon business.

study your competitors by analysing there keywords, pricing strategy and to better understand your market.

Are you still analysing your competitors manually?

Analysing your competitors can be really frustrating and time-consuming. Asinwiser competitors tool will do all the hard work for you – so that you can focus on growing your amazon business.

Fields of expertise

Monitor your competitors behaviour

Our competitor research tool will help you to keep an eye on the behaviour of your competitors – so you can understand what works best for them and use it to scale your business.

Track your competitors pricing strategies

Study the pricing strategies your competitors are using to snatch your customers and use this information to come up with better pricing strategies to beat away your competitors.

Track your competitors keywords

With our tool, you can monitor your competitors keywords and track the changes in there keywords ranking – so that you can improve your keywords ranking.

Make accurate decisions for your product portfolio

By tracking your competitors with our tool, you will be able to know which product works best in the market and make accurate choices to build a solid product portfolio.

What people are asking?

Most frequent questions and answers

You can track competitors by using our competitor research tool by selecting their store front or also on a product level in product research tool by clicking on the competitor tool icon.

The first thing you need to do is log in to the Asinwiser dashboard. Once you’re in, you click on the competitor who you need to track. Identify the competitors listing and click select and save to your dashboard.

To research thoroughly on your competitor listings, track their brands, check their pricing points, find out their BSR rank, and analyze your competitor’s reviews and estimated sales.

Customers reviews

“While focusing on the competitive pricing, I didn`t realize how much profit we`ve lost on the way. Global Seller app provided our company to see our pricing parameters with 100% transparency and accuracy.”
Lina Roy
Amazon Seller, United States
“Adjusting prices for multiple countries without missing profitability has been always a pain. Thank you, Global Seller team, for making this so easy for us.”
Erdal Kara
Amazon Seller, Turkey
“In the past, we lost so much money as exchange rates fluctuated heavily. Asinwiser's team automated price updates based on exchange rates saved us!”
Wei Zhang
Amazon Seller, China