What is asinwiser ?

Asinwiser is a product research tool for amazon both for fba and fbm sellers and will ensure that you will have fba or fbm success by using the tool appropriately

What other features are available in asinwiser ?

Asinwiser also has other modules as mentioned on the website. Asinwiser has many comparable features like amazon scout, helium10 jungle scout and much more for helping arbitrage sellers who do amazon wholesaling, online arbitrage or retail arbitrage. Asinwiser also helps online sellers identify online arbitrage deals. Asinwiser scouts amazon in a wise way and help you do product research to identify brands and products in the Amazon market places.
Asinwiser Also has a handy amazon fba fee calculator app which you can download to the phone.
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Asinwiser also has an inbuilt fba revenue calculator for all your fba revenue calculations asinwiser will help you in your amazon research efforts with ease . Asinwiser’s competitor research tool helps to let you know how to search for a seller on amazon marketplaces using a customised API solution

Does it help amazon wholesalers ?

Yes asinwiser helps amazon wholesalers in performing amazon research. Asinwiser was predominantly built to help sellers in amazon in following amazon wholesale. Asinwiser in fact supports all the wholesale models whether it’s Whitelabel products wholesale or brand reselling wholesale method or private label wholesale.
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How does Asinwiser get all the data?

Asinwiser is an authorised amazon software provider who has licenses to build software applications for amazon sellers. We get data from multiple sources on amazon using amazon APIs. Amazon API helps asinwiser structure the data and make your product research easy.

Does asinwiser help to do online arbitrage?

Contact our team for further help and support. we have numerous analysts who will be able to provide you with the information.

Does asinwiser have a affiliate programme like junglescout affiliate programme ?

Yes asinwiser offers a generous affiliate programme contact us for further details. Contact us 

Does asinwiser capture amazon reviews?

Asinwiser is one of the best amazon review software contact us for further details. Contact us

What does wholesale mean ?

In amazon wholesale model means buying products in bulk using established wholesalers or distributors or buying directly from brands and reselling on amazon.

What is the difference between private label vs brand?

A private label is where a seller creates his or her own products by using manufacturers from China or local suppliers in his / or her own country and selling them on amazon as their own product. Amazon sellers might register the products under their own brand name or registered the brand as trademarks.
If you need any further information in registering brand trademarks please contact us  Click here

Can asinwiser be used as a amazon feedback tool ?
At the moment asinwiser doesn’t function as an amazon feedback tool but we have plans to implement this in the near future.
Can asinwiser help us if our amazon account is suspended?

Asinwiser’s team definitely be able to help with your Amazon account suspension. If you feel your amazon account is suspended contact us for help and support and we will help you to reinstate the account.

Can asinwiser export amazon listings to excel?

Yes, asinwiser can be used to export amazon listings to excel contact us for a demo.

Does asinwiser offer a retail arbitrage app?

We are planning to offer a free retail arbitrage app for asinwiser subscribers. The free retail app will also have a calculator similar jungle scout calculator or helium10 calculator.

What if the junglescout like calculator as mentioned above in asinwiser is not working?

We offer 20/7 365 days of support. Kindly contact us and we will be to help you.

Does your Amazon product research tool free?

Yes, we offer a 7 day free trial period please contact us.

Does asinwiser show amazon product categories?

Asinwiser has your amazon product taxonomy covered. With asinwiser you can analyse a single amazon product category or a single subcategory list. It will also help you to analyse multiple amazon categories to ensure that you are always up to date with your amazon research.
Do you have data on the top 1000 Amazon sellers?

Yes of course our competitor research tool will be able to analyse the data of more than 100000 Amazon sellers in the amazon U.K. and European markets.

Can asinwiser be used as an amazon seller fee calculator?

Yes, asinwiser’s profitability calculator will help you analyse amazon seller fees accurately .contact us to know more.It can be used as an amazon merchant fillies calculator or amazon fba calculator depending upon what type of seller you are in the amazon market places.

What all market places does asinwiser support?

Asinwiser supports all the market places where amazon is currently on as an amazon inventory reporting tool.

Does asinwiser have a bulk amazon upc tool?

Yes, asinwiser offers a bulk UPC scanner tool for all your wholesale scanning.

Asinwiser can also be used as an amazon brand view too.

Does it help amazon sellers who are new or is it for more experienced sellers?

Whether you are an amazon seller who is a newbie or a legacy amazon seller on daily payments or payouts asinwiser helps them all.

How to find wholesalers for amazon fba ?

Asinwiser also helps you to identify wholesale suppliers or distributors in U.K. and European markets places currently. We are planning to launch in the USA and North American amazon markets places soon.

Why are private label brands cheaper than the source?

Private label brands are traditionally been cheaper to source due to low manufacturing costs in China and India and other Far East countries .however with covid, Brexit and rising oil prices the cost of sourcing has increased. Kindly consult with an amazon tax expert or contact us if you want to get in touch with amazon tax experts.

Which model is a better white label or private label?

This has been covered in previous question and answer sessions .whether you exclusively manufacture products from a private label distributor or white-labelling or doing amazon bundling you would need systems and software to help you grow your business.

Do you get data from amazon advertising API?

Yes, we have access to the authorised amazon advertising api scratchpad and we periodically get our data from the amazon advertising API . Whether you are using amazon paid ads or not asinwiser reporting tool gives comprehensive access to all your amazon reporting in simple intuitive dashboards.

Does your software only support amazon?

Our software currently supports amazon. We have plans to implement eBay, discount bol and other market places like wish , lazada etc .

Can I suspend my amazon account?

We are not quite sure what the question is are you talking about amazon account suspension.
If so kindly contact us our team will help you to get your account unsuspended.

Do you offer amazon ungating services?

No, we don’t provide amazon ungating services but can give you guidance regarding the same

Do you have a list of amazon 3pl partners?

Contact us for further information.

Do you have a list of amazon gated brands ?

Yes, we can provide you with that information once you get an active subscription with our asinwiser .

Do you have a list of amazon IP protected brands or restricted brands?

If you are sourcing from reliable suppliers and distributors your chances of having an IP claim or inauthentic claim is very less. Even if you get one most IP and inauthentic claims
Can be reversed by providing adequate documents.

Is asinwiser amazon scout-like amz scout or software scout?

Asinwiser has loads of features which are similar to amz scout but also has some additional features that other amazon seller software don’t offer.

Asinwiser can it be used as a profit finder?

Yes, asinwiser has the capacity to work as an amazon profit finder.

Do you protect amazon seller privacy policy?

Yes, asinwiser protects and complies with all amazon seller privacy policies.

Does your Amazon seller app work in windows 10?

Yes, our application is a progressive webapp so it will work on max or windows desktop and you can also download the application to your smartphones and use it as a smartphone app .note not all features will be mobile friendly but the amazon calculator app and product estimator and estimated sales functions will be displayed.

How do I report a seller on Amazon?

You would have to contact amazon support for the same.

What are the best amazon online arbitrage tools?

Please contact our friendly team and we will be able to recommend a few including ours.

Does my Amazon seller solution connect to all Amazon marketplaces?

Amazon currently has 20 marketplaces worldwide. These international websites give sellers access to potential customers all over the world.

Does the Amazon seller tool that you are considering work seamlessly in all of those marketplaces? Even if you currently only sell in one, there may come a time that you decide to expand into others. Knowing in advance whether or not your tools and software are equipped to handle international Amazon marketplaces will be useful.

And the good news is that FeedbackWhiz is now connected to all 20 Amazon marketplaces.

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