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Everyone who decides to start as an Amazon seller dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur with excellent returns in no time. Since there aren’t any magic or genies involved, it’s time for every new seller to kickstart their journey by doing essential Amazon product research. As there are thousands of products available on Amazon, it can be complicated to finalize the items you want to sell. It is when relying upon Amazon product research tools like Asinwiser becomes handy. Through this, you can reduce the chances of selling a highly saturated product, which can be a rookie mistake. 

What is Amazon Product Research?

Anyone can engage in Amazon research. You can do it using a keyword tool or by looking through different products available on Amazon. But, this isn’t a smart way to get the best results through product research. Here, you would have to spend a lot of time and even make you overwhelmed after some time.

It is why you need to depend upon an Amazon product research tool. With such a tool, you can find profitable products and develop your strategies. Yes, you have to strategize as selling on Amazon is a business where you can earn thousands as revenue. 

While using an amz product spotter tool, you can find unsaturated, in-demand products with lower competition. Here, you can identify the opportunities you can have as an Amazon reseller. You can also explore high-demand low supply products on Amazon. Through this, you can enhance your possibilities as an Amazon reseller.

By the way, you can make your life much easier as an Amazon FBA seller. With Amazon FBA, you don’t have to delve into the logistics. Here, Amazon will look into your shipping, packaging, and returns. However, you would have to make an extra fee for using Amazon FBA. You can also send products directly from the manufacturer to Amazon FBA. While using Amazon FBA, you need to identify products for which you require product research. You can perform it hassle-free with an Amazon FBA product research tool like Asinwiser. It will help you identify good products to sell on Amazon and also find products sold by Amazon. It will make Amazon your competitor, which is something you have to keep an eye on while selling on Amazon.

Now, let’s explore how you can perform product research on Amazon using an Amazon analytics software like Asinwiser. 

You can now try out Asinwiser’s demo and explore the features offered by the tool. 

Finding the Opportunity is the First Step

Before ordering products for bulk and selling them via Amazon FBA, you have to look into the performance of the products. Through this, you can identify opportunities that will help you leverage your business. However, even before looking at products to sell, focus on what to avoid. 

It is beneficial to avoid products with hundreds of sellers with high sales. Another thing to consider while looking for good products to sell on Amazon is staying away from items with several reviews. It can be challenging for you to compete as you start. For instance, consider yourself a buyer browsing through Amazon to purchase a product. Will you opt for an item with no reviews or a similar one with thousands of reviews?

How to Do Product Research Using an Amazon Product Research Tool?

There are several Amazon product research tools for free. But, they won’t give you accurate results. Without using an Amazon FBA product research tool, you can’t find the number of people who have purchased a product. Although you can access reviews and ratings from Amazon, this doesn’t provide you with the number of sales happening. It is because, on average, only 47% of customers leave reviews while purchasing products online. Therefore, it is best to use a product search tool to identify the competition and study the market.

Through this, you can explore the competition for each product and understand the number of sales they have. You can also look into brands you are competing with, and the brands opted for by different sellers. 

How to Use Asinwsier as Your Amazon Product Research Tool?

Asinwiser is an intelligent Amazon analytics software that can help you analyze products to outsmart your competition. Here, you can perform robust tracking, daily data checks, export data, attain expert consultations, and apply advanced filters during the search. Through this, you can acquire a better understanding of your pricing strategies. It will also assist you with accurate and wise sourcing choices. Besides, it will help you analyze FBA as well as FBM in detail. 

Once you have logged into Asinwiser, you can access the product research tool. Here, you can select the desired category and brand to perform the search. One of the product research examples is considering the category to be beauty. You can also focus on a specific brand to conduct your Amazon research. Here, you can use a random Amazon item finder option without selecting any brand as well. Besides, you can set advanced filters like ranking, price range, number of sellers, etc.,

Within seconds, Asinwiser will perform your product search, and you can get details of different products or brands selling in the selected category. If you have chosen beauty, you can find brands like Garnier, Bourjois, and others. 

From here, you can then move ahead with the Amazon profitability calculator, competition research, and finding a wholesale supplier directory. Through this, you can garner all the relevant information to enhance your sales in one place.

With these many features, Asinwiser can be your go-to solution for your Amazon product research needs. Click here to be a proud and wiser seller on Amazon.


Can I get a demo of the Asinwiser software?

Yes, you can get a free demo of Asinwiser from here.

Should I get a separate subscription for each feature?

No, all the features are available in the same package. You don’t have to make separate payments. You can find information on payments here.

Which marketplaces does Asinwiser support?

Asinwiser is available globally. However, the focus is on European countries, especially for sellers in the UK.