Start your journey as FBA wholesale distributors with Amazon Wholesale UK today!

Amazon wholesale offers numerous opportunities to sellers and resellers to scale up their business through FBA. Well, FBA, in a nutshell, refers to Fulfillment by Amazon, and it offers you the possibility to sell on Amazon hassle-free. Through this, attain the opportunity to enhance your growth with Amazon wholesale UK.

But, there is a catch!

Amazon Wholesale Software



Even though Amazon FBA offers several tools, support, and assistance for an Amazon wholesaler, it may not be enough to leverage your business as you kickstart. Therefore, you would require the right strategy and guidance in the form of Amazon wholesale software

Understanding the requirement, our team has curated software solely to help Amazon resellers to sell wholesale on Amazon. 

ASINWISER for all your Amazon FBA Wholesale Reselling Requirements!

Asinwiser is an Amazon software to enhance your Amazon sales with which you can perform product and competitor research. If you plan to get into Amazon bulk sales, Asinwiser can be the right tool for you as it provides a bulk product profit calculator. With this tool, you can take a step ahead in the Amazon bulk marketplace.

With the features available on Asinwiser, you can perform product and competitor research. By using the power of data and analytics, you can identify the best opportunities for you to start reselling on Amazon.

Whether you run a small or a medium-sized business, your life as an entrepreneur becomes easy with Amazon wholesale scanning software. 

What Asinwiser Offers Every Amazon Reseller?

Stepping into a career as an Amazon reseller can be challenging. Since there is a lot of competition, you may think that finding the right way to sell won’t be easy. But, when you utilize the features offered by Amazon scanner apps like Asinwiser, identifying products and reselling them won’t be a hurdle. With Asinwiser, you can avail of these services:

  • Amazon Product Finder

Since there are millions of products and brands on Amazon FBA, you have to find the right product for you. With this product research tool, you can find the different items that can help enhance your sales and revenue. When you get a clear understanding of the products and brands that can help you grow, it will assist you in making smarter decisions. 

Using this tool, you can scan unlimited alternatives and find relevant products for you. Here, you can perform an in-depth Amazon FBA product research, where you can find information on details related to Amazon listing. Here, you can conduct in-depth Amazon FBA product research, which will help you decide with no hassle. Therefore, using an Amazon wholesale sourcing software like Asinwiser can help amazon fba wholesale suppliers the UK in the long run. 

  • Amazon Competitor Research Tool

Yes, the competition is high, and the market is highly saturated. But, when you use Amazon wholesale product software, you can find out more information on your competitors. With these details, it will be easier to find out others selling similar products. You can also get a list of Amazon authorized suppliers. Here, you wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with deal sheats. 

With the details acquired about suppliers, you can find information about other wholesalers selling similar products. When you use the benefits offered by Asinwiser, you can get inputs on competitors selling products in 20 different categories available on Amazon. 

So, why not be ready to become the best wholesaler for Amazon with Asinwiser?

  • Amazon Bulk Product Profit Calculator

Whenever you engage in any form of business, profit is a must. When you become one of the Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers, you need to look into the possibilities of acquiring revenue through Amazon bulk sales. Now, you can do so without any hassle with the assistance offered by our Amazon FBA scanner, which will be providing you with features like profit calculation. Here, you can also use this feature for bulk and single product scanning.

  • Brand Sorting and Sourcing

There are over 350 million products available for sale on Amazon. Therefore, it is essential to find the right brand for you as you engage in Amazon FBA wholesale sourcing. But, when you perform it without using any FBA wholesale tools, it can be time-consuming and stressful. It is when Asinwiser comes in handy for you while looking into Amazon FBA wholesale sourcing. This Amazon scanner can help you grow your business to the level you desire.

  • Email Support

While starting as Amazon wholesale supplier, you need to be moving ahead in the right direction. By using tools like Asinwiser, it becomes easier for you to gain support and the required help. Our team ensures that we are there for you if you have any questions related to finding profitable Amazon wholesale products or scanning products for Amazon. You can use this assistance to sell wholesale online with ease.


Where to sell wholesale products online?

One of the best places for you to sell wholesale products online will be Amazon. Here, it is best to opt for Amazon FBA to enhance the chances of acquiring revenue and profit.

Does Amazon provide wholesale?

Yes, Amazon provides you with the opportunity to perform wholesale sales. It is one of the best platforms in Europe and globally, offering this service.

  1. What software do I need to sell on Amazon?

While selling on Amazon, you would require Amazon Seller Central App. Along with that, you will need tools like Asinwiser. With this tool, you can find your competitors, perform product research, conduct brand sorting, and sourcing, etc.,

Which software is best for Amazon?

One of the best software you would require while working as an Amazon reseller is Asinwiser. With this tool, you can scan for products, perform intense research to understand the market and your competitors, etc.,

Can I buy wholesale and sell on Amazon?

Yes, you can buy wholesale and sell on Amazon. 

How to sell wholesale on Amazon?

You can sell wholesale on Amazon once you sign up as a seller. After that, you need to perform the required research. Amazon FBA wholesale will be a great place for you to start your journey. 

Here, you have to perform extensive research on the market and product by using the best FBA scanner app or a tool like Asinwiser. Once you have found the in-demand products, you need to list them and promote the product. Here, you can opt for FBA wholesale if you wish not to manage your inventory.

How to buy wholesale and resell on Amazon?

You can do that by purchasing products at a lower price from online wholesale marketplaces like Amazon Business or similar platforms. After that, you can resell your products on Amazon. But, before you do that, it is essential to perform intense research on your competitors and brands available on Amazon.

How to sell stuff to the Amazon warehouse?

After finding and selecting wholesale items to sell on Amazon, you can sell them through FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon.

How to sell my product wholesale?

There are different ways to sell your wholesale product in the UK, the USA, and other countries. Here, one of the best options will be using Amazon. You can opt for FBA by Amazon as well if you wish to avoid any form of complications regarding packing, storage, shipping, returns, etc.,

How to sell wholesale on Amazon?

You can do so by buying products at a cheaper price and then selling them using Amazon. Here, you can rely upon Amazon FBA, and having an Amazon FBA wholesale business model will be beneficial.

How to start wholesaling on Amazon?

Here, you have to create an Amazon Seller account, decide on your product after performing research using tools like Asinwiser. You can then list them, market them, and create an inventory. You can either opt for Fulfillment by Amazon or Fulfillment by Merchant for managing the products.

How to find the manufacturer of a product on Amazon?

Finding manufacturers on Amazon is not a difficult task, especially for top wholesale products. You can do so by referring to the NAICS code.

How to find a supplier to sell on Amazon?

Some ways to find a supplier to sell on Amazon will be reaching out to B2B service providers, connecting with wholesalers on eBay, and others. You can also try speaking with manufacturers.

How to find wholesale suppliers for Amazon?

You can find suppliers while engaging in Amazon wholesale UK through eBay, direct contact with manufacturers, B2B service providers, etc. After finding the suppliers, don’t forget to use Amazon software tools like Asinwiser to enhance your business.

What are the best wholesale products to sell on Amazon?

Electronics, media, educational materials, baby and infant merchandise, clothing, accessories, footwear, are some of the best wholesale products for son Amazon for Amazon wholesale suppliers.

What is FBA?

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon offers you access to Amazon’s logistic network. Here, you can send your products to fulfillment centers. And Amazon will perform packing, shipping, customer support, which will help you save time.

How much does FBA cost per item?

As of now, you need to pay $ 0.99 for every item while engaging in Amazon wholesaling.

How to Start with Amazon FBA?

As you plan to become an Amazon wholesale distributor, you have to know how Amazon FBA works. After gaining an understanding, you have to create an Amazon seller account and then join FBA. The next step will be sending your products to the FBA center.

What are the benefits of Amazon FBA?

With Amazon FBA, you can gain flexible storage opportunities, reduce the fulfillment list to up to 53%. Other than that, you can have your products under Amazon Prime fast and with free shipping. Here, you can also obtain sufficient customer support.

Difference between Amazon FBA wholesale v/s private label.

Amazon FBA wholesale is an easier and more convenient way for you to start your business. Whereas on the other hand, private label is high risk and can be a high reward model.