A Brief Guide on Amazon Demand Side Platform DSP

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A Brief Guide on Amazon Demand Side Platform DSP


Amazon DSP, also known as Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform. It further allows advertisers to buy video and ad spaces programmatically.


Moreover, advertisers are boosting their investments in Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Generally, it allows companies to leverage Amazon’s targeting skills to show ads not only on Amazon-owned and operated web pages, but also on those it does not.


Let’s learn in detail about Amazon DSP in this comprehensive guide. Let’s start. 


Automation and Amazon DSP


Enterprise self-service and Amazon’s managed-service are the two major factors that help to run Amazon DSP.


One includes enterprise self-service is managed by an ad agency that has access to this platform, which you hire. And, the second includes Amazon’s managed services team has complete control over the managed service.


Furthermore, while you and the agency you employ control the self-service option, the ad buying process is programmatic. It generally means that a lot of the work is done ahead of time to set up the parameters of the campaigns you’ll be running. Moreover, once these ads are online, your agency will most likely handle the day-to-day monitoring, reporting, and optimization.


Because you’ll be testing creative (both copy and graphics) sites where your ads are delivered, as well as the audiences of individuals you’re targeting, optimization differs from other sorts of advertising.


Furthermore, it operates and is analyzed by Amazon staff. As the Amazon staff is tasked with identifying the most effective advertising solutions for you. Nevertheless, this allows you to run advertisements on Amazon Marketplace, Kindle, Fire TV, Twitch, and other non-Amazon (but Amazon-owned and operated) sites all across the web, knowing that your products are reaching the proper people.


Amazon DSP Ad Types  


Following is the list of Amazon DSP ad types. Let’s check:


1. Dynamic Ads


Every day, Amazon’s machine learning offerings become more amazing and approachable. Dynamic e-commerce advertising adjust which creatives appear dependent on the campaign’s goal. You might include coupons or user reviews in your creative to entice customers to view the product on Amazon. 


Amazon can now provide the following services thanks to machine learning:


They’ll serve a dynamic eCommerce ad with a review if a customer is inclined to read reviews before purchasing a product.


If a customer is more of an impulse shopper. Then, a dynamic e-commerce ad with an add to cart button will be shown to them.


2. OTT Ads 


On the DSP platform, OTT advertising is also served. These full-screen, non-skippable adverts are an excellent approach to reach millions of people. These are further linked via TV sources (like the Amazon Fire TV Stick). Moreover, you can target specific Amazon audiences with these advertisements, but they are not clickable.


3. Static Ads 


Because static ads lack dynamic components, they require special calls-to-action, such as ‘Shop Now.’ Further, these ads should be used as mid-and upper-funnel approaches. That helps to attract customers and increase brand awareness. Nevertheless, these advertisements take you to an Amazon storefront, a product detail page, or a custom landing page.


4. Video Ads 


Video is a fantastic method to share your brand’s narrative and connect with your audience on an emotional level. Furthermore, DSP allows video advertising to run within video content (in-stream video) or as a display ad (out-stream video). Moreover, you can use DSP to link your video advertising to an Amazon product detail page or your own website. In addition, using a DSP to create video advertising also allows you to target Amazon’s audiences.


We hope this article helped you to learn all aspects of the Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Good Luck!



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