A Brief Guide on Drive External Traffic

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A Brief Guide on Drive External Traffic




Amazon is famous as a powerful channel for e-commerce sellers because it has a huge customer base of engaged customers. There is no doubt that it is possible to build a thriving business on Amazon alone. But in case if you are still looking for an extra edge, Driving external traffic to Amazon might be the answer. It is a very powerful strategy that is considered most effective for your business.


Why choose Drive external traffic?


Every seller wants to get a higher ranking on amazon so get a lot of organic sales. But to achieve this there are no. other things you should aim for, it’s getting harder than ever to do. External traffic helps you in both, higher the ranking as well as offers another path to get sales(it will be outside the visibility on amazon). Let’s discuss some of the biggest things off-Amazon traffic allows you to do: 


1. Skip over the competition


Selling your products on Amazon has become incredibly competitive in the last few years. So it is tough to come out at the top of Amazon’s search engine results by organic ranking. Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand ads are also connected with this. If a customer clicks on your listing, there are even Sponsored Products ads in your listing. Then there are related products chosen by amazon too. It is difficult to show off your product on its own on Amazon, however advertising in other channels allows you to do this.


2. Build a List (Email or Messenger)


An email list is considered the most important brand asset for an online business.  Amazon protects its customer’s details. It is considered a violation of terms and services if any attempt is found to get our Amazon customers’ real email addresses.


If you have a customer list you have so many possibilities to grow your business. You can:


1) Push cross-sells and up-sells.

2) Lunching lower-cost products.

3) Run marketing campaigns effectively.

4) Build a strong long-term relationship with your customers.


How to Drive Traffic Effectively?


Driving traffic is always beneficial for your Amazon store. You will get these benefits only if you do it in the right way otherwise it could even hurt your rankings. Some key steps to take to get the biggest return from off-amazon traffic


1. Optimisation of listing before you start 


External traffic doesn’t show any result for a poor product listing. You do not make any sales from it if your listing is a mess of keywords and is not optimized to buy. 


That’s why it will be considered a complete waste of time and money you spend driving traffic. So before you start it, audit your listing to make sure it’s set up to convert viewers into buyers. Professional images of products leave the biggest impact on the customers. Unattractive and clear images redirect the customers to another brand. In the whole process, the optimization of keywords is most important. 


You should audit your keywords at this starting step, so you have a better chance of converting momentum from the external traffic into your organic sales.


2. Don’t send traffic directly to your listing


You can miss a lot of benefits of external traffic if you send traffic directly to your product listing. This can hurt the Amazon ranking tool. The most important purpose of driving your own traffic is to build a customer list. So you miss it if you send customers straight from external link channels to your listing.


3. Choosing your channel


Prepare your product listing first, after you need to send the traffic and figure out where it’s going to come from. Traffic sources are not the same for all. If possible then you need to do a little testing to find what works best for you and your products. Channels you might want to test out include:


i) Facebook ads

ii) Google ads

iii) Instagram

iv) YouTube

v) Pinterest

vi) Google SEO & Blogs


Sales Funnels for External traffic


The quality of your sales funnel is an important aspect of whether you get a significant kick out of the traffic you drive.


A sale funnel will:


Filter those customers who are not ready to buy.

Captures the contact details.

Send an incentive for people to buy (optional).

Allows you to retarget.

Qualify your traffic.



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