A Brief Guide to Sell Top 5 In-Demand Products on Amazon

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Wondering what could be the best products to sell on the Amazon platform?

Well, it certainly depends on multiple factors. It involves market competition, product demand, the latest trends, and more. Before you set up products on Amazon, learn all about the important selling aspects. 


This article will help you to understand the top best-selling products on Amazon. Read till the end so that you don’t miss any information. 

Top 5 Selling Products on Amazon 

Below is the list of the top best products to sell on Amazon that sellers could consider:

1. Books

Readers around the globe love reading books. Therefore, books stand as the most popular category on Amazon. Moreover, Amazon started its business by selling books only and it leads its way to being the most profitable niche on this platform. 

Customers could find the new releases, best-sellers, classics, and every other category of books. Most of them are offered on sale or discounts for less than $20. Books are a viable option if you are starting as a seller as you can buy books in bulk and sell them on the platform. It would sell on Amazon favoring in profits. 

2. Electronics

Another popular category on Amazon is Electronics. As the world is continuously transitioning towards the latest innovation, therefore new technologies stay always in demand. People love to explore new gadgets, mobile phones, laptops, and more. 

black cordless headphones beside closed black laptop computer and smartphone
Gadgets are popular products to sell on Amazon!

Also, there are high demand for Fire TV Stick, Alexa, and Echo Dot speakers. Stocking up electronics would work in your favor. For sellers, it includes Amazon commission fee (8% versus 15%), various choices, new devices, impressive retail arbitrage opportunities, and more.


Having an expert team—Asinwiser— on your side will help you to navigate in the right direction. is a perfect solution for Amazon sellers that will guide your business with expert tools to target your potential audience and right products with its all-in-one features such as product research, profitability calculator, product research, competitor research, and so on.



3. Clothing, Shoes & Jewellery

If you are wondering what is the hottest selling stuff on Amazon, it is Workout clothing. People want to stay with the latest trends and fashion. And, Amazon platform offers its customers every variety of clothing for all shapes and sizes.  It includes tops, sweatpants, tank tops, and more. Moreover, besides workout wear, Amazon offers clothing for all brands, age groups, and gender.

pair of brown leather boots beside bet
Clothes, shoes, and jewelry come under best products to sell on Amazon!

Furthermore, the same goes for jewelry and shoes. With passing time, people tend to shift to new trending options. And, customers incline towards shoes, jewelry, clothing more often. Buying stock in bulk and selling them on Amazon would give a profitable ride. 


4. Toys & Games

Guess what stands among the best products to sell on Amazon? The answer would surprise you. It’s a simple deck of Monopoly Deck cards ($6). These games and toys work perfectly well when sold in bulk. For instance, Play-Doh comes under the top 10 selling products on Amazon. 

Toys and Games are the popular choice for Online Sellers
Toys and Games are the popular choice for Online Sellers

Apart from toys and games, there are certain other categories that are popular among customers. It includes:


  • Tools and Improvement
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Garden and Outdoors
  • Health
  • Pet Supplies
  • Personal care products


As a seller, it is important to narrow down your niches to stay ahead of the competition. It will help you to ensure to land in the profitable category. 

5. Babies Products

The most searched and profitable category on Amazon is babies. Right from babies’ birth, parents have to meet with certain items, clothing, and more. Babies will grow with age and so does their different needs and requirements. 

Most Searched and Profitable Category on Amazon include Baby Products
Most Searched and Profitable Category on Amazon include Baby Products

Therefore, it is a huge bonus to invest in baby stuff. Also, the pros of selling babies’ products are that its durable, lightweight, inexpensive, and always stay in demand. Nevertheless, selling babies’ stuff on Amazon could keep you profitable in all aspects. 



For sellers, it is important to understand that top-selling items change based on certain aspects. Also, there is no fixed strategy that would guarantee sellers to pick the best product to sell on amazon every time. Therefore, sellers need to research the market and experiment with products before selecting items to sell on the Amazon platform. It will help sellers to ensure and learn about products that will stay in demand for a longer period.
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 We hope this article will help you to learn all about the best products that you should sell on Amazon for a successful online business. To make your business a huge success by selling the right products, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!