A Brief Introduction on Amazon Product Inserts

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A Brief Introduction on Amazon Product Inserts




We will cover Amazon’s Product Insert in this article that would be helpful to amazon sellers, so let’s start it.


As an Amazon seller, you want to grow your customer base, that’s why the customer contact info is kept by the platform under lock and key. Amazon proves itself as one of the biggest platform providers for shopping with a credible and consistent experience. Customers trust Amazon when they purchase a product from them.


Amazon provides the facility of Product Insert to their vendors who are trying to jumpstart an honest marketing campaign.


What are Product Inserts?


Product Inserts is a method adopted by Amazon’s sellers for brand building and marketing. In this, printed cards include inside your product packaging. The size of these cards varies from a business card to postcard and may include the following details:


Free coupons or gifts in exchange for customers’ information.


Instruction manual for product use or assembly.


Request or encouragement for an honest product review on Amazon.


Extended warranty offers.


Tags of your social media accounts Like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 


Build a Positive Image 


To achieve the client’s appreciation, you need to become a master of client service. It’s complicated to understand and learning requires a huge amount of time. But it is necessary because product inserts can benefit you in various areas. 


Let’s understand how to leave a positive impact on our brand by the card insert. the cards you are going to use for this having a positive message always. It must include words that encourage people to send you to their honest reviews. 


These reviews will help you to solve various problems of clients. Moreover, it also prevents negative feedback. By such a thing a seller is encouraged to enhance the customer service by using many creative ideas like different treats inside the package.


Goals of Product Insert


Now you are familiar with the product insert, so it’s time to plan your own product inserts! For this, you have to keep following goals in your mind.


You need to collect your customer information for upselling and retargeting.


Encourage buyers to purchase again with you.


Try to strengthen your product branding.


Increase the seller’s feedback.


Encourage the customer to leave a positive product review.


Benefits of Amazon Product Inserts


By adapting product insert you can directly communicate with your buyer so you have a chance to leave a positive impact on the customer.


So the product inserts can be used for the following:


Request reviews and feedback.


Get repeat purchases.


Promotions for other products from your amazon store.


Deliver important product manuals or warranty information.


Furthermore, Amazon has strict selling guidelines especially in the case of reviews. Here are Amazon’s words:


“You may not attempt to circumvent the Amazon sale process or divert Amazon customers to another website. This means that you may not provide links or messages that prompt users to visit any external website or complete a transaction elsewhere.”


So always keep these words in mind and follow the Amazon policies.



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