A Detailed Guide on eBay Combined Shipping

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A Detailed Guide on eBay Combined Shipping 


eBay Combined Shipping and its Working


eBay combined shipping allows customers to send all of their purchases in one shipment.


This simplifies things for both you and your buyer. You can also cut your delivery costs and pass the savings on to your customers.


Some eBay sellers set up their accounts such that the discount is applied instantly to a shopper’s cart. Others do it by manually generating and mailing a new invoice that includes all of the shipping fees.


Moreover, eBay customers can request one by clicking ‘Request total from seller’ in their account settings. It would specifically be in case when accounts do not automatically display combined shipping. 


Bundle shipping on eBay


Shipping costs are a major factor for modern consumers. Setting up eBay combined shipping makes perfect sense if you want to stay competitive and acquire more sales.


The lower prices will appear on your store’s product pages automatically if you set up shipping policies. This can be found in your listings’ shipping section. It isn’t particularly noticeable, but it has the potential to increase income for your eCommerce business by persuading value-seeking buyers to convert.


Because it encourages shoppers to make numerous purchases, eBay combined shipping is a particularly smart idea for sellers who specialise in a single eCommerce sector.


3 Effective Steps to Combine Shipping on eBay


We advocate setting up automatic combined shipping on eBay in the name of excellent customer service.


In three easy steps, you can combine shipping on eBay!


Step 1: Make combined payments possible


Go to ‘Combined payments and shipping discounts’ in the eBay Seller Hub.


Further, you may also get to this page from My eBay’s Account tab by clicking on “Site settings” and then “Shipping choices.”


Nevertheless, you must also offer customers combined payments in order to offer them combined shipping. Furthermore, to do so, go to this page’s ‘Combined payments’ section and select ‘Edit.’


After that, a pop-up window will appear. Then, check the option that states— , Allow purchasers to make a single payment for all items purchased.


Step 2: Decide on a time frame for the combined payments


You’ll need to select a time period for combined purchases in the same pop-up. Moreover, this is the maximum number of days that sales can be consolidated over.


A three-day configuration, for example, allows a customer to order an item today, tomorrow, and the next day, with all charges consolidated into one invoice and payment. Any additional purchases made after the third day will be subject to a new invoice.


However, make sure you click “Save” once you’ve made your decision. After that, the pop-up interface will close.


Step 3: Establish shipping policies


Sellers can define rules that will automatically apply when more than one item from their store is added to a shopper’s basket on the main page, under “Combined shipping reductions.”


Further, there include two possibilities:


Calculated shipping rules

Flat shipping rules


Simply select an option from the dropdown menu and click ‘Create’ under whatever fits you best.


Moreover, if your shipping provider uses a flat charge system, then you can establish a base rate for the first item. Further, add a shipping discount for each subsequent purchase.


On the other hand, based on a buyer’s location and the weight of your products. Then, you can construct calculated shipping criteria. 


Moreover, you can simply charge for the total weight, though some sellers will aggregate the weights and offer a discount to encourage multiple orders.


Nevertheless, on eBay’s site, you can learn more about the entire procedure and factors involved in setting up these discounts. 


In addition, customers will automatically see their combined shipping prices in their shopping cart after they’ve been set up.



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