A Detailed Guide on Zonblast

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A Detailed Guide on Zonblast


Sixleaf is a product research tool that was launched in 2014 and relaunched in 2016.


In theory, Zonblast is an optimization platform that aids Amazon sellers in successfully launching their products.


The goal of Zonblast’s design strategy is to not only get the product into the marketplace but also to assist Amazon sellers in developing selling tactics that may turn their brands into household names.


In this article, we will learn about the features, pros & cons of Zonblast. Let’s start:


Features of Zonblast  


Following is the list of features associated with Zonblast. Let’s discuss:


1. Zonblast Keyword Cluster 


Keyword optimization is more difficult than it appears. Moreover, you should know that long-tail keywords reign supreme when it comes to keyword optimization.


Despite the fact that long-tail keywords have a lower search volume than shorter keywords, they have a high conversion rate due to the very precise character of their terms.


Furthermore, the goal of getting a high position for your search query is to increase sales.


Interestingly, you may easily study appropriate long-tail keywords. However, these keywords must be relevant to your product utilizing Zonblast’s keyword cluster function.


2. Zonblast Keyword Tool 


You must be able to search for the proper keywords regardless of which platform you use for your business. Moreover, you can only operate a successful sales campaign if you do it this way.


Furthermore, when ranking product listings based on the relevancy of the keyword search, Amazon, like Google, employs the A9 algorithm.


In addition, using the proper keywords with the biggest search volume is critical for achieving a higher Amazon ranking. This is where Zonblast enters the picture. 


Nevertheless, this tool suggests relevant keyword ideas to help you find the best Zon keywords for your product. Furthermore, the user has access to thousands of possible keywords for your product listing using this tool.


You may learn which search phrases are most relevant to your target market by conducting a search.


3. Zonblast Blast


The major means of promoting Zonblast as a product research tool is through a blast. Moreover, the blast features are one-of-a-kind promotional tools.


Note that: Blasting, in the context of Zonblast, simply means exposing your goods to thousands of potential clients.


On Zonblast, there are five blasts:


  • Solo Blast: This feature delivers a single boost to your product listing. The solo blast is ideal for Amazon sellers with a large product inventory who want to see if Zonblast will work for the remainder of their product categories.


  • Wave4: The Wave4 feature sends out a four-day bombardment of your product listing. This selling method is ideal for Amazon sellers who want to take a more long-term approach to their business.


  • Wave7: The Wave7 sends out a seven-day bombardment of your product listing. It’s perfect for both old and new items that need to get some traction. This function is ideal if you’re a seller aiming to dominate a highly competitive niche.


  • Pulse: This function informs the Amazon algorithm about the factors that determine whether or not your product will appear in the top product listings. You only need to set the settings, and the system will take care of the rest.


  • Custom: You can modify your blasts based on a set of parameters with the custom option. As a result of this functionality, you will be able to modify your search listings and run your business as you see fit.


Zonblast Pros and Cons


Following we’ve discussed the pros and cons of Zonblast. Read carefully to understand it better:



Here is the list of advantages of Zonblast. Let’s check:


One of the most crucial aspects of Zonblast is that it is backed by SixLeaf.


The features of Zonblast have been tried and proven, so they may produce the expected results as long as the user learns how to mix different elements to get the best outcomes.


Since its introduction in 2014, Zonblast’s developers have been able to keep the platform’s algorithm up to date with Amazon’s updates.


 SixLeaf is a fantastic platform for introducing new items.


Apart from Zonblast, SixLeaf’s full package gives you access to a variety of other business-growth tools.


The platform features a fantastic customer care team that responds to all of your difficulties in real-time.


Apart from the basic capabilities, Zonblast has no restrictions on the number of products you can promote.


The platform features a fantastic customer care team that responds to all of your difficulties in real-time.




Following is the list of downsides of Zonblast. Check out:


The disadvantage of Zonblast as a product research tool is that it is somewhat expensive when compared to other options.


There are occasions when the tool is extremely sluggish or encounters bugs that cause it to lose functioning.


 Zonblast is also a good option for vendors that have a lot of stock.


This means that in order to raise your sales margins, you’ll have to basically give some things away.


There are occasions when the tool is extremely sluggish or encounters bugs that cause it to lose functioning.


If you want to grow your business on Amazon, you’ll have to sell some of your products at a deep discount.


The Zonblast online app is also notoriously unreliable.


Hope this article helped you to learn all aspects of Zonblast and its associated elements.


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