A Detailed Information on UPC and ASIN

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A Detailed Information on UPC and ASIN


About UPC


The full form of UPC— Unique Product Code. Further, it is a one-of-a-kind code provided to each Amazon product. Furthermore, it aids in the differentiation of a product from the millions of others on the market. 


In addition, these codes function similarly to barcodes found in local stores. They are, however, unique to Amazon’s database. Individual products sold on Amazon can be easily identified using these codes.


About ASIN


The full form of ASIN — Amazon Standard Identification Number stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. Furthermore, it is a ten-character product identifier used by Amazon that includes alphabets and digits.


In addition, this unique product identifier is used by Amazon and its partners. Moreover, they’re a part of Amazon’s selling policies that make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.


However, in case you don’t use ASINs correctly. Then, you risk breaking Amazon’s conditions of sale and losing your ability to sell on the Amazon marketplace.


Need of UPC


Following is the list of advantages of UPC. Check out: 


These codes are used to track and manage inventory.


These codes will aid in the tracking of products or consignments while they are being shipped.


They assist both consumers and sellers in locating things.


These codes make it simple to search for products both online and in warehouses.


Purpose of Product Identifiers


Because product identifiers such as EAN, UPC, and ASIN are universal. However, most marketplaces such as eBay, Walmart, and Amazon use them to see if the same item is being offered elsewhere. 


Although, they’re helpful if you need to maintain track of your products and inventories. Also, along while checking at the other product details as well. These identifiers might help you order more efficiently if you have more products in your portfolio.


Moreover, when you first start selling on Amazon, you’ll need to give an ASIN. It helps so that your items or product may be listed and ranked in the Amazon SERP. In addition, you can share your product UPC with Amazon to have the relevant ASIN added to your listing automatically.


Look for UPC on Amazon


You can’t sell on Amazon without UPCs. However, you’ll need this code to fill out your ‘Product ID’ area. Especially, it is required when listing a new product for sale. 


Furthermore, make sure you choose UPC from the drop-down menu before entering the information. You can’t list a product unless you’ve provided the UPC.


We hope this article helped you to have a better understanding of how ASIN, UPC, and their conversion function. Good Luck!



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