A Pocket-Guide to eBay Premium Service

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The competition in the eCommerce business is booming every passing day. It’s highly tough to stand out of the crowd to attract loyal customers and to gain revenue. On eBay, sellers have to strive to gain the trust of their buyers and to retain them. However, eBay offered a way to sellers to pave their way towards loyal customers and profit. It is called the Premium Service badge. It will help sellers to boost revenues and attract customers. 

This article is designed to help you to understand all about eBay premium service and its related concepts. Let’s begin 

Understand eBay’s Premium Service

eBay’s premium service helps sellers to get an edge in the competitive market. If a seller offers its best services and delivery methods that are beneficial for buyers. Then, the sellers’ profile will get the premium service badge. 

This badge will offer certain benefits to sellers. It includes maximum visibility, getting customers’ attention, building trust, and more. As a result, more customers will visit their products and sellers will get more profit. Moreover, customers will gain trust in sellers and their services. It will lead to booming sales and profits for sellers. 


eBay considers delivery as the most important factor when selling. Therefore, eBay rewards those sellers who show efficient delivery services. Consequently, customers stay loyal to the platform rather than switching to others. 

Guidelines for Sellers

Earlier, sellers have to provide free domestic service and a paid next-day service to qualify for premium service seller badge. However, due to certain redundancies among the system guidelines, few modifications are implemented. If a seller wants to qualify for a premium seller badge, they have to modify their listings to fit the following list:

  • Within 3 working days offer free Domestic delivery option 
  • Within 2 working days offer an express delivery option (not more than  £10)
  • If items are above £20, delivery services should be valid tracking must be uploaded on despatch time and designated tracked services.


Furthermore, eBay has not clearly stated why they have implemented those modifications. Most likely, it is to shield sellers from cheating the system and to protect buyers as well. 

For Buyers

When buyers are considered, eBay’s move will help them in a positive way. New strategies by eBay offer greater protection and transparency for buyers. It will help customers to stick to the platform and maintain their trust in it. Therefore, they will continue to shop from eBay and invest in it. 

For Sellers

The new modifications will benefit sellers as well. With premium service badges, eBay is allowing sellers to showcase services in the online competitive market. Nevertheless, it will ultimately help sellers to boost conversions and generate new revenue sources. Also, it is helping them to gain the trust of their customers, increase visibility, and increase sales, and more. 


The premium listing rules would be beneficial for all eBay parties. Both buyers and sellers would receive online marketing protection. This listing would kick out the people who are forcing buyers to pay a heavy amount for next-day delivery services or free delivery services that could take longer than expected. The eBay premium listings would help everyone who is associated with the community.


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