A Pro-Seller Guide to Master Helium 10 for Amazon 

A Pro-Seller Guide to Master Helium 10 for Amazon 

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Helium 10 is a powerful inclusive suite of Amazon FBA to empower sellers and entrepreneurs. It provides tools for product research, inventory management, SEO, and fraud protection. It is a complete package that will support you in your seller journey on Amazon

In this article, you will learn about Amazon Helium 10, setting and creating an account, its guide, and its training courses. Let’s begin.

Create your free Helium 10 Account 

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to sign up for a Helium 10 account. Moreover, it does not require any cost to register on Helium 10. Start with clicking on the blue tab ‘Sign up for free.’ Then input your email and password. Further, follow the email verification process that you will receive at your registered email address.

Next, you will be directed to the Helium 10 dashboard. You will find all specifications on the top bar, left sidebar, and tools information in the middle of the page. 

Furthermore, on the left sidebar, you will find tools that will provide you with workflow orders. For example, the first tool listed on the top of the sidebar named ‘Black Box’ will help you with product research. 

On Helium 10, you can easily get access to tools and make it work according to your preference. 

Fortunately, Helium 10 provides a professional customer service team. They will assist and resolve all queries or doubts instantly. To reach them, you can go to Also, they are available 24/7. 

Having an intelligent software tool—Asinwiser—for online sellers will assist you to run your business in the right direction. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, and so on.

Set up Chrome Extension 

The next step is to add a free Helium 10 extension to your toolbelt. The chrome extension is free and comes with a handy guide. You can easily enable the extension when browsing Amazon. You will find summary displays that include history, pricing, relevant data, ranking, and more. 

Interestingly, it provides a tool option where you can analyze your competitors such as product reviews. It also provides tools for calculating potential profit margins, ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number), and more. 

Visit this link Helium 10 Chrome extension download page. Also, you can search for ‘Helium 10’ in the web store. 

Get Skilled with Training Videos

Helium 10 has provided detailed tutorials on how you can get skilled and learn about it. Further, you will learn about the working of features and tools. Also, you will get knowledge on how to apply them to strategize business tasks. 


Moreover, you will find your own set of Pro Training tutorial videos. It can be paused, replay, and watched as you want. Make sure to learn every aspect of Helium 10 and make it work for your business. 


To get access to the Pro Training Page, Click Here.  Also, if you are wondering from which domain to start with, we recommend Black Box. Start with your best-winning product research to sell on Amazon. 

Freedom Ticket Course

You might have heard of the Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Course. If you are a beginner and want to improve your fundamental skills and knowledge then this course works best for you. 

Freedom Ticket Course is an inclusive course that helps to learn in detail about the setting and running of your Amazon business. Moreover, you can get the best offer of the first two weeks of this detailed eight weeks course for free. Click here to get this offer. 

In addition, this course provides every domain of Amazon business. It includes PPC, campaigns, inventory, supply, sourcing, product launching, listing, optimization, and so much more. 

Nevertheless, it offers a detailed study of the fundamentals of business and the marketplace of Amazon. If you want to be a seller on Amazon, then this course is worth your time and effort. 

Final Thought

Helium 10 will pave your way towards a successful business by being an outstanding seller on Amazon. Further, take up courses and master required skills on Helium 10. You will learn to research products, supply chains, calculate profits, listings, and more. Fortunately, Helium 10 has your back to remove all the roadblocks and take your business to new heights. 

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We hope this article will help you Master Helium 10 for Amazon. To make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!

Good Luck!