All that You Need to Know About Amazon Fire

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All that You Need to Know About Amazon Fire


Amazon Fire is a device that is used for video-streaming launched by  Amazon in 2014. It is a device like Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, etc. It’s very easy to connect it with your TV. The device comes with an HDMI cable. You can easily connect the HDMI cable with TV and enjoy instant access to streaming channels, games, and music as well.


About Amazon Fire 


Amazon Fire is a device that is used for video-streaming which makes TV into the smart one. It can be started by connecting the HDMI cable with your Amazon Fire and the TV. You can enjoy your favorite app by using this. The subscription of apps completely separated from this. For example, if you have a JioCinema ID with recharge then you can enjoy its programs. Same for the other various apps like Netflix, Voot, etc.


Amazon Fire Types


There are three different models of Amazon Fire available: the Fire Stick, the Fire Stick 4k, and the Fire TV Cube. 


These all have the same functionality, the only difference is about the resolution. 


1. The Fire Stick 


The Video resolution of the Fire Stick is 1080P HD. And it is available for just $40. It includes the streaming box and a remote for selecting media.


2. The Fire Stick 4K


The Video resolution of the Fire Stick has been upgraded to 4k resolution. The price of it is just $50. It also includes the streaming box and a remote for selecting media.


3. The Fire cube


The Fire cube is different in size and structure. It has an ethernet port for lightning-fast connections. It also has built-in speakers. The main feature of this is it has Alexa inbuilt. The popularity of the Fire cube box is due to its Alexa-enabled feature, which means the user can give directions to the machine from across the room so there is no need for a remote in this case. The price of it is different from the others just because of its extended functionality.  It’s available at the price of $120.   


Amazon Fire Advertising


Advertising on Amazon is the same as it is for any other OTT platform. It’s having unskippable ads that offer data-driven targeting. It contains trackable analytics and is scaled as per the modification in advertising strategy. First-party data from amazon’s subscribers and Amazon’s dedicated user base is used by Amazon fire for advertising. Brands can easily engage with more relevant audiences with the help of Amazon OTT. By this ROI increases on their ad spend and conversions. 


Brands purchasing Amazon Fire Ads


As mentioned above, the brands can directly target the relevant audiences by promoting their ads on Amazon fire. So it helps in their sales and promotional activities directly in an effective manner. 




Overall the conclusion is that the Amazon Fire is a wonderful product of amazon. We can select it according to our requirements. We know that technology is rapidly changing in this modern Era, so we need to be updated with our devices as well to understand and enjoy the latest features of technology. So don’t worry about Amazon Fire, just go for it and enjoy.



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