All that You Need to Know About eBay Account Suspension

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All that You Need to Know About eBay Account Suspension


Every online or offline business has certain rules, regulations, and policies. Furthermore, the same goes for eBay sellers. You have to follow them to avoid any suspension of penalties. However, if you abide by their rules then you might face some serious consequences.


In this article, we will learn the reasons that cause eBay account suspension and tips to avoid them. Let’s start.


Common Reasons for eBay Account Suspension

Here is the list of common reasons that led to Seller’s account suspension on eBay. Read them:


1. Fake Merchandise


Fake items, as well as intellectual property theft, are prohibited on eBay. You cannot sell anything you want on eBay. There are certain policies and guidelines that you should follow. In addition, make sure you only sell genuine items or products on eBay if you want a successful business on eBay.


“We don’t allow replicas, counterfeit items, or unauthorized reproductions to be listed on eBay,” says one of eBay’s most important policies.


2. Unpaid Costs 


Though it is not a complicated issue that can’t be fixed. All you need to do is to pay your fees. Further, you can do it by logging into the My Account page. Then you can get the benefits of the reinstated account. 


Moreover, note that regular fees can also be included in the unpaid seller fees. And, reimbursing eBay for a refund issued to one of your customers.


3. Breaching of Policies


There are certain policies and regulations that you need to consider as an eBay seller. Here is the list of violations that you should avoid:


Violations of eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) policy. It allows intellectual property owners to request that listings that provide things or materials that infringe on their IP rights be removed.


Customers are defrauded, for example, by bogus charges to accounts.


By offering a partial refund or discount in return for a positive review or feedback from a buyer, you can avoid eBay feedback.


Using prohibited pictures, such as ones that contain nudity, vulgar language, or were borrowed from another vendor.


4. Delayed or Failed Shipping


If shipping gets delayed or failed then eBay may take action against you. It includes suspending your account. However, to avoid this mistake, you need to make sure to dispatch things as soon as possible. Further, you need to solve this concern once you receive payment and to communicate openly with clients if problems arise.


Tips to Avoid Suspension


Here is the list of tips that you should consider to avoid the suspension of your eBay seller account. Learn them:


Make sure to read the rules and guidelines before selling on eBay. Moreover, pay careful attention to what you can and can’t sell.


Consider opening an anchor or enterprise store to assist you in managing the customer care needs of eBay merchants.


Don’t make any misleading promises or misrepresent your products while describing the stuff you sell.


Before you sell their products on eBay, do some research on the suppliers. Ensure that the quality of your products is as promised and that you are not inadvertently misrepresenting them.


Make sure clients know what to expect in terms of fulfillment times by using a reputable fulfillment company.


We hope this article will help you to understand the detailed format on how you should sell on eBay for smooth business.


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