All that You Need to Learn About Seller Fulfilled Prime

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All that You Need to Learn About Seller Fulfilled Prime 


Seller Fulfilled Prime 


Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime is a fulfillment option for its sellers. Moreover, when you join this program, you will be given the option to display the Amazon Prime badge. 


As a result, you’ll be able to sell your items to Amazon Prime members. Furthermore, instead of relying on Amazon, you’ll be responsible for storing and transporting your things yourself. You’ll also be in charge of coordinating with your clients.


Eligibility for Seller Fulfilled Prime 


Note that Amazon is currently not accepting any applications for the Seller Fulfilled Prime program. However, in case you are planning to register on it, consider these qualifications that you have to meet:


Must have an Amazon Professional Seller Account. 


You must have to provide a Premium Shipping option to customers.


Make sure to ship products on time. 


You must have a cancellation rate of less than 0.5 percent.


SFP orders must be delivered by Amazon-approved SFP carriers.


For 99 percent of your orders, Amazon Buy Shipping must be the shipping service provider.


You must delegate any customer service inquiries to Amazon.


You must agree to Amazon’s return policy and follow it.


In addition, on February 1, 2021, Amazon imposed new criteria. The following are some of them:


All of your Amazon Prime deals must be available across the country.


At least 20% of your products must be delivered within one day. And, at least 55% of your products must be delivered within two days.


To ship Amazon orders, you must schedule one day during the weekend.


Enrollment Process 


Note that you have to go through a trial period before joining as a qualified Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Program member. However, it may take around 5 days or even 90 days. This will completely depend on your performance such as timely delivery, speed, cancellation rate, and much more. 


Furthermore, after you clear the trial, you will get your Amazon Prime badge. Following is the enrollment procedure that you need to follow:


Register on the Seller Fulfilled Prime website.


Enable Prime Shipping in the Prime Shipping Template.


Add the SKUs you’d want to sell.


Throughout your trial time, adhere to the shipping and delivery deadlines.


Advantages of Seller Fulfilled Program


Following is the list of advantages of the Seller Fulfilled Prime program. Check out: 


Amazon Prime Members will see the seller’s product more frequently, which means more sales conversions result from increased exposure. 


FBA’s program helps sellers with a profitable opportunity to reach Amazon’s most loyal customers.


Sellers have complete control over their warehousing expenses and requirements with the help of SFP. This can save a lot of money, especially for sellers that have a good handle on their supply chain and their sales projections.


With SFP, merchants may avoid paying Amazon for incoming shipping and gain more control over their fulfillment expenses.


We hope this guide helped you to understand all aspects of Seller Fulfilled Prime(SFP).



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