All You Need to Know About Amazon A10 Algorithm

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All You Need to Know About Amazon A10 Algorithm




Amazon is the main lead of the e-commerce industry. There are more than 2 million sellers available on Amazon, that’s why huge competition also exists here. 


Amazon always wants to increase its new sellers as well as also promote the competition at the same time. advertisement is one of the key strategies to dominate with Amazon. Furthermore, staying updated with the Amazon A9 algorithm is another part of it. Amazon A9 and Amazon A10 are the same except they have different weightage held to certain parameters.


After a recent update, Amazon started to provide more relevant customer searches. Every customer wants the desired result on top of its search. 


Factors Influencing Amazon Keyword Rank in A10


1. Sale History: Amazon always keeps an eye on your sales history to rank your product in the organic result. A higher ranking in the search result depends on the consistent sale history of the product.


2. Organic Sale: Amazon’s sales algorithm is strongly influenced by those sales which are generated on Amazon’s website from the organic result. When a customer searches for a product and purchases it from search page results, it counts as an organic sale.


3. Seller Authority: It deals with the seller metrics that are under Amazon’s control like Listing. Seller’s feedback rating is important in this, like how long you’ve been in Amazon’s control, the way you did handle product returns and other important seller metrics that influence seller authority on amazon.


4. Impressions: We can say that the ranking of a product is higher when the product is seen many times anywhere on the Amazon website.


5. PPC Sale: PPC sale is the main factor in keyword ranking which influences the sale on amazon


6. Conversion Rate: Conversion rate is the ratio at which someone view and then actually buys the product. The product ranking will be higher if the conversion rate is also high.


Tips to higher ranking with Amazon A10 Search algorithm:


1. Images play an important role in the first impression of the product so always go with the professional photos that meet Amazon’s image requirements.  If a user finds an eye-catching clear professional photo then he/she takes a second and clicks on your listing.


2. Refine your copy so it could be easily readable. Furthermore, it should include the relevant keywords also.


3. Keywords should be used widely and wisely. Your main aim is to provide the most relevant information in your listing as possible to help algorithm 10 match your product accurately to buyers’ searches.


4. Discounts and promotions are ways to increase traffic.

and higher the ranking, So always think twice about using them. You should focus on the off-site traffic with a good organic google ranking. The best way of this is by bloggers linking to your Amazon products on their page to create a diverse source of external traffic.


5. The way you approach getting reviews also helps in this. It could be a little bit frustrating to go after a customer and request them to leave a review, but this is strongly affecting the buying process. 


Amazon always wants to direct their customers to the most relevant product to match according to their searches and having a product that implies trust with their honest reviews means it will usually rank higher than a product with fewer reviews.


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