All You Need to Know About Chatbots Customer Service 2022

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All You Need to Know About Chatbots Customer Service 2022


With advanced technology, we have certain latest innovations and discoveries that are helping businesses in this modern world. This similar concept goes for customer service, which is getting replaced by chatbots customer service. 


In this article, we will learn about types of chatbots customer service and its advantages. Let’s explore.


Types of Chatbot 


Here is the list of different types of Chatbots that resolve certain problems. Let’s check: 




These are the chatbots we’ve been discussing the most. By providing smart chat answers to typical client difficulties. Further, they let you automate the repetitive customer support chores that take up a lot of valuable time from your live agents. Simply put, in a smart chat platform, they’re essentially your FAQ or knowledge base page.


Lead Generation 


These chatbots are designed to take leads from visitors to your website, allowing you to track and rank them as they progress through your sales funnel.


Order Tracking and eCommerce


These types of chatbots are typically employed in the enterprise software area. Further, they ask inquiries about what you’re searching for and how they might assist you. Moreover, these chatbots then help qualify leads based on certain aspects. It includes information about customer supply, making your sales team’s job easier and ensuring you don’t miss out on any possible sales from web traffic.


Much of order tracking can be automated because it consists of basic repetitive processes. Moreover, by providing chatbots for tracking ecommerce orders, you can give your clients a simple way to track their orders, get shipment details, and follow their status without putting your live agents under stress, allowing them to focus on more difficult customer concerns.


Store Feedbacks


Every company understands the value of feedback, especially when it comes to obtaining positive internet reviews for their product or service. 


Moreover, many businesses already use email to automate this. However, switching to feedback-gathering chatbots can significantly improve the amount of client reviews your company receives.


Through their simple chat interface, these chatbots can ask for surveys in a polite manner. In addition, customers are more inclined to submit feedback in this manner. They can provide important stakeholders with valuable insights about customer behaviour and product feedback. Typically, more so than a standard market research poll would provide.


Whether you sell to consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B), the proper chatbot can help you with your whole customer strategy.


Advantages of Chatbots for Customer Service


Following is the list of advantages that your business will get from customer service chatbots. Let’s study them:


You get customer service around the clock (24/7) without any interruption. It efficiently solves customers’ concerns and further saves your time. 


There is no language barrier. Chatbots help to resolve concerns in all languages. Also, it saves a lot of money and effort. 


Chatbots help to provide resolutions at any time of day. It also makes customers happy and satisfied. 




With the help of Artificial Intelligence, businesses are growing at a rapid pace. Furthermore, Artificial intelligence helps to save time, energy, and effort. Also, it turns out to be effective and cost-efficient. We hope this article helped you to learn all about customer service chatbots.



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