All You Need to Know About eBay Sponsored Listings 2022

All You Need to Know about eBay Sponsored Listings 2022

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Around the globe, sellers are adopting unique forms of marketing strategies to sell on eCommerce platforms. One of those methods includes eBay Sponsored Listing. It makes the sales process easy and effective. 

In this article, we will cover all about eBay Sponsored Listings, Placements, Working, Costs, and Campaigns. Let’s start. 

eBay Sponsored Listings

Those listings that are visible on the application or website in the form of ads are called Sponsored Items of eBay. They can be easily noticed when searching in the listings. The most preferred and suitable choice for sellers to promote is eBay Sponsored ads. 

eBay Sponsored Listings Placements

You may find eBay promoted items having different placements that include searches, listings, and eBay. 


Note that in search results, you will find promoted products intermixed with organic results. The promoted items are placed above the listings. Moreover, the eBay algorithm game works in such a way that it places promoted listings on top of the results.


However, some factors are also involved that affect the promotion of the product on eBay. It includes search volume, listings quality, and more. Nevertheless, eBay never shows two listings of the same product. 

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When you look for the sponsored listings then you will find all the product-related details. It includes product descriptions, images, shipping details, and other details. When you will scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find ads that are similar to the products you checked.

Also, note that sponsored products are referred to as Sponsored items from this seller or Similar sponsored items. 

eBay Sponsored Listings Work

eBay charges sellers to promote their ads within 30 days. And, those ads stay on the site for a specific period.


Further, it is important to understand that the promotion fee is charged only when customers click on the advertised products and buy them. You might wonder at some point that your ads are not working. At that point avoid pulling off the ad as it will become relevant for customers in some time. 

Promotion Campaign

Through a seller’s account, you can set up your campaign. You may see some positive results after a while and also can be compared. Furthermore, it is up to sellers to set up campaign rates. Then, the eBay algorithm calculates and analyzes the rate as a %age of the sales costs. However, taxes and shipping costs are not included in it. 

Listings Costs

As already mentioned, it is up to sellers to decide the percentage rate for each listing. Unlike other eCommerce websites such as Amazon or Google Ads, eBay promotes through non-fixed variable pricing. Here is the list of some products with their average rate fees:


  • Cameras and Photo – 5.57%
  • Baby – 5.47%
  • Cell Phones and Accessories – 10.50%
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories – 7.77%
  • Books – 3.22%
  • Business and Industrial – 5.49%
  • Antique – 9.96%
  • Art – 9.26%

Lastly, if you are interested in selling products on eBay then you definitely consider eBay Sponsored Listings. It will help you to have a wider audience and visibility for your products. Also, it will help you to flourish and grow your business effectively. Good Luck!

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