All You Need to Know About Refund Policy on Amazon

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Every online platform has different ways to manage refund policies and processing methods. Most of the time, customers get bewildered by the refund procedures and end up losing their valuable time. 

Therefore, this article is curated to help you deal with such situations. You will learn all about Amazon refund policy procedures, and related questions. Let’s learn all about it.

Amazon Refund Policy

This policy helps Amazon customers to get a refund on their purchases. Furthermore, customers have to return their purchased item back to Amazon before asking for a refund. In case the purchase is lost, customers have to create a lost parcel report. 


Moreover, the Amazon refund policy plan defines the percentage of refunds and the number of days for the products. In addition, this plan discusses the ways to issuing item refunds. 


Receive a Refund

If you are a customer at Amazon, you likely have received a product that didn’t meet your expectations. Therefore, you would have decided to return the item and want your money back. Follow the further steps to get your refund on a returned item:

Step 1: Shipping

Step 2: Amazon processing

Step 3: Payment processing


Returning Item on Amazon

Follow these mentioned steps to return an item back to Amazon:


Step 1: Log in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Tap on the “Return & Orders.”

Step 3: Select the item you want to return.

Step 4: Click  “Return or Replace Items.”

Step 5: Select the reason for returning the items.

Step 6: Choose the option on how to receive your refund.

Step 7: Select the method of returning the item.

Step 8: Return the item using the course you decided on. 

Customers have been provided with several methods to return the item. It includes picking locations, drop-off services, Amazon Hub Counter locations, heavy-bulky return option, or scanned QR code at Amazon return offices. 

How Amazon Refund Policy Works?

Once customers return their items back to the Amazon facility, you have to wait till Amazon gets them back. They will further inspect the item. Based on it, Amazon will provide you a partial or full refund payment. 

Below is the list of situations that specify the amount you will receive:

  • Returned the item on time: You need to return the item back to Amazon within 30 days in its normal form. However, the customer has to bear the returning cost, taxes, and restocking fees. 

  • Returned the item late: If you haven’t returned the item within 30 days. You do not need to worry as you will receive an 80% refund on the purchase cost. 

  • Returned used or damaged item on time: In case, Amazon is at fault for any item damage, the customer will get the full refund. If it’s the customer’s fault for damaging the item then they will receive only a 50% refund. Furthermore, the same norms are applied for lost or used items. 

  • Lost item: If customers have not received the item for more than a month, they can ask Amazon for tracking the order. Generally, they check if it got received by someone else. In case, it’s Amazon’s fault, you will receive a full refund of that item’s purchase cost. 

  • Returning opened products: If you have opened the item and used it then you will not receive any refund on return. It especially goes for software and video games. However, if it’s physical copies such as movies or music, then you will get a 50% refund.

How long will it take to get your Refund?

Amazon provides the options to choose the preferred method of refund. Generally, it could take 3 to 5 business days for processing the refund and will be credited to you. 

Below is the list of different refund procedures and their processing time:

  1. Debit Card (up to 10 business days)
  2. Checking account (up to 10 business days)
  3. SNAP EBT Card (within 24 hours)
  4. Gift card balance (2 to 3 hours)
  5. Credit Card (3 to 5 business days)
  6. Prepaid credit card (up to 30 days)
  7. Shop with reward points (up to 5 business days)

Customers can choose any method from the list to get a refund. 


If you have been a customer at Amazon, you surely know that you can return almost any item you bought from Amazon. And, you will get a refund on the purchased item’s cost. If you have any doubts, Amazon’s customer care executives are available 24/7 for your assistance. 

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