All you Need to Know About the Amazon Vine Program

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The Amazon Vine Program is a review reward scheme that uses Amazon’s forum to review new brands with a hand-picked team of reviewers. A couple of pre-selected reviewers (dubbed Vine Voices) can purchase the products in exchange for a genuine review. They get the merchandise for free in return for the review.

Who Can Take Advantage of It?

This initiative can help sellers who have new products with a small number of reviews, have a brand and Brand Registry with Amazon, and want to increase their awareness of their goods. The Advantages of Joining Amazon Vine

1. A rise in product reviews.

2. Positive feedback.

3. Trusted reviews – customers will be able to acknowledge the review because it is entirely objective and un-manipulated, resulting in increased sales.

4. More people are aware of gradual sellers or new brands.

5. A rise in sales.

Product Requirements for Amazon Vine Enrollment

Merchants who satisfy the following requirement are eligible for the Amazon Vine program:

1. Have an Amazon Brand Registry account.

2. On the merchandise detail page, there are fewer than 30 reviews.

3. Have a ‘New’ FBA offer that can be purchased.

4. It must not be a product for adults.

5. Have already gone live at the time of registration.

6. Have inventory on hand.

7. Include an image as well as a description.

Amazon Vine Program Restrictions on Products

Amazon has the mentioned product regulations for the Vine Program and the restrictions already in place for listings.

1. Require us to deliver/review multiple products in a single package.

2. Require reviewers to purchase some other product differently to conduct a review. Components for widespread products can be enrolled (for instance, cases for famous mobile phones). Still, it would be best to enlist an ink cartridge that uses a specific copier or a backup battery that only works in a particular camera.

3. Do not match the exact item described in the FBA offers.

What Types of Reviews Can I Expect from Amazon Vine for My Business?

Amazon Vine uses high-quality reviewers to provide an impartial, objective review. Amazon does not promise favorable reviews and will not delete a review unless it violates its TOS. Furthermore, contacting a Vine reviewer about a review left is against the Amazon User agreement. However, you can rest assured that Amazon selects only the best reviewers for their scheme and that the reviews will be appropriate, honest, and well-thought-out.

What is the maximum number of reviews an ASIN can receive through Amazon Vine?

Each commodity can earn up to 30 reviews per ASIN, with the stipulation that 30 reviews are the highest number of reviews that any ASIN in the initiative can receive. If your merchandise already has 25 reviews, for instance, Amazon Vine will only allow you to receive five more. If your product currently has no reviews, the highest number of reviews it can obtain through Amazon Vine is 30.

What is the maximum number of ASINs that can participate in Amazon Vine?

The number of ASINs that can be constant is limited to five. Nevertheless, once one ASIN has reached the maximum number of reviews allowed by the Vine program, other ASINs can be added to the program.

Is it mandatory for Amazon Voices representatives to drop a review if they purchase your product?

No, members of Amazon Voices are not obligated to drop a review after receiving the product. On the other hand, Amazon scrutinizes its reviewer pool to guarantee that only the most influential reviewers are on the forum. Most Vine members, to our knowledge, will leave a review to sustain their top ranking and keep receiving the free item.

How much does Amazon Vine cost?

Aside from the cost of your products, Amazon Vine is a free program.

Cancellation of Enrollment

It’s simple to cancel your Vine enrollment. Please take the following steps:

1. Go to the homepage of your Amazon Seller Central account.

2. Hover over the ad and select Vine.

3. Next to the brand you want to withdraw enrollment for, click Details.

4. Click Cancel enrollment on the bottom right side of the page.

What Is the Process for Adding a Product to Amazon Vine?

1. Go to the homepage of Seller Central.

2. Select the Advertising Tab with your mouse.

3. Go to Vine and click it.

4. After that, go to your Vine Center console. To begin enrollment, type the ASIN that you want to enroll into the text bar.

5. Moreover, once the ASIN has been registered, the subscriber can monitor the ASIN’s progress by going to the registration details page and clicking Description next to the ASIN in question.


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