Amazon Affiliate: Setting Up; Pros and Cons

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Amazon Affiliate: Setting Up; Pros and Cons 


This article has summarised Setting up a process for Amazon affiliates. Also, you will learn about the advantages and drawbacks of Amazon affiliates. 


Let’s learn. 


Setting Up Amazon Affiliate 


Follow these mentioned steps to set up an Amazon affiliate. Let’s check: 


Visit the Amazon website. Sign up by filling the form. 


Make sure to read all policies, terms, and conditions related to Amazon affiliates.


Analyze the products or items that you want to promote. Further, Amazon provides you the access to look for products based on ISBNs, Keywords, and product numbers. 


Look for ways how you want to promote your products or items. Moreover, Amazon offers scripts that help you to run websites or blogs. 


Increase the number of visitors to your website. The best way for it could be through a consistent supply of focused traffic. 


Make product recommendations that get relevant to the website theme. 


Include various links and photos that can be linked in your text. Ads may go unnoticed by web users. They’re more inclined to click on links and photographs in an article that’s informative.


If you’re a blogger, remember to disclose that the link is an affiliate link in accordance with the FTC’s blog disclosure standards and GDPR. 


Advantages of Amazon Affiliate 


Here is the list of advantages that comes with Amazon affiliate. Let’s check:


Amazon is a leading website that people use and trust on a daily basis. 


You can join this platform for free. 


You get the benefit to promote various products. 


Amazon offers certain tools. It helps to assist you in selling a specific item or a category of things.


Your payments will directly get deposited into your bank account. 


There’s a strong reporting system in place. Therefore, you can see what’s getting the most attention and what’s selling.


Further, Amazon provides excellent customer service to its customers. 


Disadvantages of Amazon Associates Program


Following are the disadvantages of the Amazon associates program. Let’s check: 


In comparison to other affiliate programs, the commission rate is minimal, ranging from 1% to 10% depending on the items. It gives rewards for business account sign-ups. It goes for $3 for Prime referrals and $5 for Audible referrals.  


Emails containing Amazon affiliate links are not permitted such as email attachments. This limitation is a huge issue because email is the best way to communicate great offers to customers.


You won’t get credit for referring those who buy the goods outside the country. Suppose, if you have a US site and are promoting products from the Amazon US shop. (i.e. Amazon UK).


Direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift card is the only payment choices. There isn’t a PayPal option available. 



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