Amazon Barcode: What Seller needs to know?

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Amazon Barcode: What does Seller need to know?

To avoid fraudulent activities on Amazon, Amazon has made it mandatory to buy barcodes for selling products. A few years ago, Amazon’s barcodes were open and easily accessible. Earlier, a seller could easily list a product on Amazon using a barcode number. However, legal sellers found that their number had already been stolen and used illegally by someone else on Amazon.  

However, Barcodes for Amazon are no different and can uniquely distinguish all the information about particular products listed on Amazon. Therefore, Amazon employs barcode numbers as other product identifiers and assigns their unique identification number – called an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

Although, each item you list on an Amazon fulfilment centre requires a barcode. However, the two products have one barcode for the product.


According to Amazon barcode requirements, there are three types of barcodes for identifying products: 

  1. Manufacturer barcodes
  2. Amazon barcodes
  3. Transparency authenticity codes

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Manufacturer barcodes

Amazon uses the manufacturer’s barcode to completely track the fulfilment method, except you change your barcode setting. If more than one seller has listed with the same manufacturer barcode, Amazon fulfilled orders with the closest list to the customer. Amazon is taking this step to facilitate faster delivery.


If you do not have an eligible barcode for your product, an Amazon barcode can be used instead of the manufacturer’s barcode. For more information, check the manufacturer’s barcode to track inventory.

Amazon barcodes

Amazon must use Amazon Barcodes for all products that can be tracked using manufacturer barcodes. This category is inclusive of:

  • Product’s Expiry date 
  • Consumable products
  • Products like skin creams, shampoos, and cosmetics
  • Products that are made so that the barcode is considered

You can print Amazon barcodes and apply them to your products yourself, or Amazon can do it themselves by printing and applying them and charging a per-item fee. For more information, please look at the Amazon barcode to track inventory and FBA Label Service.

 Transparency authenticity codes

Transparency codes are authentication stickers that protect brand owners and customers from copying. Transparency codes are followed by a Transparency “T” logo and covered by any other label or another brand. To learn more and see a sample sticker, visit the Transparency page.


You might need to enter barcodes in Amazon’s system as 12 digit versions (UPC) without a leading 0 (e.g., 0712345678901 becomes 712345678901), but Amazon prefers the 12 digit version right now.

  •  Amazon requests evidence of the connection between the supplier and the original barcode license. Amazon demands customers to document confirming this chain of proof.
  • Amazon allows the listed product without a GTIN (barcode) to apply to Amazon for GTIN exemption.


Amazon asks every seller to register a GTIN with all product listings available on their marketplace. Then, Amazon sellers can either purchase legitimized UPCs immediately from GS1 or buy them from a reseller.


Sellers might also be likely to register with Amazon’s Brand Registry, making it easier to have products approved on Amazon and reducing the occasional problems with barcodes.


Amazon product barcodes can be a obstacle for sellers for a just starting in. And barcode is just not one thing seller needs to understand. Don’t be intimidating by your seller’s journey and take help of an intelligent tool for Amazon sellers; Asinwiser is. Get in touch with our experts to get the maximum benefit of this innovative tool.