Amazon Best Tool 2022: Hunt Your Next Online Product With Jungle Scout

Amazon Best Tool 2022: Hunt Your Next Online Product With Jungle Scout

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If you are a seller on Amazon and looking for an all-in-one tool that helps your business on Amazon then Jungle Scout is your answer. Moreover, competition on Amazon is getting harder every single day. To stay ahead you need to think and act strategically. 

This article will guide you all you need to know about Jungle Scout, it’s needs, and interesting features. Read till the end to get the best of it. Let’s start.

Jungle Scout

It is an inclusive Amazon research tool with certain interesting features that helps sellers to research products, research keywords, estimate sales, and track competitors. It has an easy and user-friendly dashboard for its users. Moreover, it supports you to choose your ideal winning product to sell on Amazon and grow business with. 

In addition, you can also use Jungle scout as your extension and directly manage, track, and decide your products. 

Having an intelligent software tool—Asinwiser—for online sellers will assist you to run your business in the right direction. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, and so on.

What is the Need of Jungle Scout

For a successful business on Amazon, product research is a crucial factor to consider. Interestingly, in the prehistoric era, people were manually researching for their right products, analyzing their competitors, and creating spreadsheets for that little access to information. 

On the other hand, nowadays, everything has changed. We have better tools with the best features. Earlier, it took hours and hours to manually find all the research data. Now, Jungle Scout does that for you in an instant. 

In addition, online competition is significantly booming day by day. Therefore, you need the support of the Jungle Scout tool to stay ahead in this insane competition. 

Features of Jungle Scout

Here is the list of features of Jungle Scout. Check them:

1. Niche & Product Research:

 Jungle Scout allows you to find profitable products, keywords,  and niche ideas. It includes certain parameters such as:

  • Product Category: It includes certain product categories and sub-categories for different items. 
  • Listing Quality Score: It is a metric that defines how better the listings are optimized in each niche.
  • Opportunity Score: If this score is high that means a good opportunity. 
  • Competition: It ranges from 1 to 10. If the score is 1 that signifies the least competition and so on.
  • Average Price: It helps to check the average price of the product. 

Once you set all the required parameters then you can finalize the product that would do best for your business. Moreover, it would be better to deal with profitable products and Jungle Scout will help you to guide you through the process. 

2. Keyword Research: 

It is an important aspect to sell the right products on Amazon. To make sure customers are looking and reaching for your products then you have to use the specific right keywords. Moreover, make sure to optimize your listings to match those specific search queries. In addition, with Jungle Scout, you will access to certain benefits such as:

  • Understanding and implementing relevant keywords.
  • Analyzing the budget for your PPC campaigns. 
  • Helps to rank you faster with the right keywords. 
  • Enable you to look for niche keywords that work for other sellers.

3. Product Database: 

Jungle Scout has over 70 million products from the Amazon catalog in its Product Database. Choosing the right product is a daunting task and could lead to frustration. Therefore, Jungle Scout provides your filters. It helps you to filter out products through criteria such as low competition, high demand, and more. 


In addition, you will find a few amazing details to go with it such as the international marketplace, profit calculator (including fees), and product ranking. If you are a beginner in this selling process, Jungle Scout can help your business to grow and succeed. 

4. Product Tracker:

In Jungle Scout product tracker, you can get to analyze certain aspects. It includes units sold, inventory in stock, best seller rank, reviews and more. Moreover, Jungle Scout’s product tracker provides you a robust snapshot that would help you to select your next selling product. 


If you want to grow your business on Amazon then investing in Jungle Scout is the best decision. Furthermore, you will easily manage and track the profitable products that create high chances for your business to get higher sales conversions and revenue. It is 100% worth your money and time. Go for it. 

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We hope this article will guide you how to find your next online product using Jungle Scout! To make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!

Good Luck!