Amazon Brand Registry and Trademark Protection: All You Need to Know

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Whether large or small, startup or established, every entrepreneur knows the significance of branding. A trademark is a service/product name, brand logo, or catchphrase (slogan) that clearly distinguishes one’s products and services from competitors.

Trademark Protection’s Advantages

The value of a company’s image and reputation cannot be overstated. Airtight advertising, labeling, and trademarks help to establish such a reputation. Preserving one’s trademark rights, of course, is synonymous with protecting one’s enterprise.

While trademark enrolment is not always required, it does open up a variety of legal avenues for the company because it protects intellectual property liberties.

Among the legal alternatives are, but are not restricted to:

1. Trademark infringement is a serious problem.

2. Demand letters are sent to third parties requesting that they stop using the product.

3. Conviction of infringers

4. The opportunity to seek damages if your brand name is used without your permission.

To receive complete immunity, founders have to sign up their trademark rights with the Trademarks Office in the authority or region they would like to obtain security. Trademark rights must also be sustained by regularly using the trademark with one’s products and services.

It’s worth remembering that merely integrating or enrolling a company name does not give the owner of the name trademark protection, nor does it give the government permission to use the title as a trademark. Furthermore, simply activating a trademark as a domain name does not confer trademark rights.

A tribunal may discover that trademark holders or entrants have neglected their rights if they stop using, abandoning, or ignoring their trademark. Other businesses will be free to adapt and use the brand that has been left.

In the United States, registrants must also submit required post-registration proposals within specific time frames to demonstrate that their trademarks have continued to be used on the goods and services outlined in their sign-ups.

Signing up for the Amazon Brand Registry

Many companies are now marketing their goods on Amazon, a Brand Registry. The Amazon Brand Registry provides two significant benefits to Amazon sellers (registered trademarks) while operating under this online umbrella: brand protection and brand support. 

Brand protection

This empowers a company owner to identify forgery or deceitful sellers infringing their trademarks legally.

Brand support

While doing business on Amazon’s online platform, this means that queries and disclosures are accomplished with little effort on the part of the brand owner.

Amazon sellers must have a certified trademark (either a standard character mark or a logo with words) in each nation where they want to enroll in Brand Registry to be qualified for these rewards. Amazon Brand Registry also accepts brands awaiting trademark applications in particular trademark workplaces.

In addition, registration is not like applying. The act of filing is only the first phase. When a trademark is awarded registration, the registered owner is given a registration certificate to apply to the Brand Registry with confidence. Amazon’s Brand Registry was enhanced by permitting early entry into the registry based on pending trademark registration.

As a result, Amazon vendors are no longer expected to use the Amazon IP accelerator system, including 11 companies. Sellers can get fast access to Amazon Brand Registry by using IP accelerator infrastructure, but only for the goods they already sell on Amazon. This implies that they will only be able to utilize Brand Registry if they have an effective listing at the time of entry. Until the trademark is fully registered, succeeding listings will not be included in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon will track the progress of your trademark registration six months later, and if the brand is not registered, they may remove you from Brand Registry.

When Should You Use a Trademark?

In an ideal world, you would seek patent rights for your product as soon as you realize how precious it is and that you do not want another company to steal your brand image.

You may be conscious that it is not unusual for someone to steal the name or brand of another company by submitting a trademark registration before you. Worse yet, the third party may send you a cease-and-desist order, requesting that you stop using your name. If a trademark is not approved, it is harder to enforce it.

This could be particularly problematic in Amazon. Amazon is unconcerned about whose trademark a trademark belongs to. The Amazon Brand Registry is solely based on trademark applications that have been posted to them.

Moreover, do not attempt to register a brand name on your own. It is a time-consuming and complex process. Hiring a trademark specialist to manage your trademark application needs is often a wise option.


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