Amazon PayPal: Online Shoppers Must Know this Trick 2022

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Amazon PayPal: Online Shoppers Must Know this Trick 2022


If you love to shop from online eCommerce websites, then you must be aware of Amazon Payment modes. And, most customers wonder why it does not have PayPal on Amazon. 


Therefore, in this article, we will resolve this concern. And, also will guide you on how you can use some tricks to use PayPal on Amazon

Let’s begin.


Do Paypal and Amazon have Partnerships?


Unfortunately, Amazon and PayPal no longer have any business relationship. Previously, it was said that they might integrate. However, Amazon hasn’t accepted a partnership with PayPal yet. 


Although, you will find various payment methods on Amazon such as debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts, COD, and reward points. 


The reason behind Amazon not accepting PayPal is the payment system by which Amazon earns money. In addition, customers cannot get direct access to PayPal on Amazon. Moreover, if customers sign up with PayPal, then the Amazon Payments processing system will suffer. 


Amazon has survived all these years without including PayPal. Therefore, it doesn’t seem that these two businesses would partner any time soon. 


Eventually, Amazon also considers PayPal as its direct competition. 


Is there any way to use PayPal on Amazon?


Suppose, you want to purchase a product that is available only on Amazon. And, that specific product is not available on any other eCommerce website such as eBay, Alibaba, or more. 


So, the question arises if you can buy that product on Amazon via the PayPal method? The answer is Yes!


You may use PayPal to pay for your Amazon purchases in a variety of ways. These approaches are safe and legal, despite their complexity. Simply follow the procedures outlined below to go back to shopping in no time. 


Buying Amazon Gift Card

PayPal Business Debit Card

PayPal Cash Card


You might be confused about Amazon Gift cards as they are exclusively available on Amazon. Fortunately, you can also get Amazon Gift cards via third-party stores as well. However, there are certain websites that are fraud and you could get scammed. 


Therefore, we will provide you the safest mode by which you can implement it. However, the same procedure can be used at other e-stores. But, make sure they offer Amazon Gift Cards and accept PayPal as a payment method.


Amazon Gift Card


The official website of MyGiftCardSupply allows you to purchase genuine Amazon Gift Cards. Simply follow the steps below:


Open your online browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) and search for MyGiftCardSupply in the address box.


You can select whether or not to create an account once you’ve arrived at the site. In either case, you are free to purchase any gift card from their selection.


We’ll be getting an Amazon Gift Card in this case; you may search for it or scroll down a little. The Amazon Gift Card logo should be visible.


When you click it, you’ll get a list of available Amazon Gift Cards along with their denominations. These coins will be available in values ranging from $5 to $500.


During the checkout process, select your preferred gift card denomination.


On the last page, you will be asked to select a payment method.


Select PayPal as your payment method and log in to your PayPal account.


Review your information and submit it to complete your payment.


Business Debit Card 


This technique is mainly ideal for PayPal business account holders, as it works in the same way as PayPal Cash Mastercard. They can get a PayPal Business Debit Mastercard and use it to shop on Amazon. 


Furthermore, the funds for this debit card will be taken immediately from your PayPal account. The main difference is that instead of a personal account, this business card is linked to a company account.


Although this corporate debit card does not offer the same member benefits as the PayPal Cash Mastercard. As it does offer certain additional benefits, such as an infinite reward program on eligible transactions.


Cash Card


The best method to utilize PayPal on Amazon is to sign up for a PayPal Cash Card. The PayPal Cash Mastercard works in the same way as any other credit card on Amazon. 


Furthermore, this debit card will be linked to your remaining funds in your PayPal account and can be used throughout the Amazon checkout process after you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account.


It’s the same as a standard bank debit card. Even yet, when you pay with a PayPal Cash Mastercard on Amazon, the cash is taken immediately from your PayPal account. Moreover, this option is available to practically all PayPal customers for free and does not require a credit check.


Moreover, you can sign up for a PayPal Cash Card for free and get a debit Mastercard right away to start shopping on Amazon. However, you must also pay for a Plus account and verify your identity. As a result, it will be directly linked to your Paypal personal account and used to fund all card purchases in this way.


We hope this article resolved your concerns and will be helpful for your next PayPal on Amazon. Happy Shopping!


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