Amazon PPC Optimization: Manual Vs Automatic Campaign

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Amazon PPC Optimization: Manual Vs Automatic Campaign 


Establishing yourself in the Amazon marketplace can be a challenging task. As a result, selecting the best advertising plan is critical for attracting more customers, generating revenue, and improving your search engine ranking. 


In this article, we have covered all details about manual and automatic campaigns. Also, you will learn about which works for you. 


Let’s start. 


Manual Campaign


Manual solutions for Amazon PPC optimization provides access to sellers to characterise bid rates and keywords. Simply put, sellers are allowed to place higher bids on high-converting keywords. Also, they can optimize them for targeting while  lowering bids on low-converting search phrases.


Furthermore, you may determine the right keywords to target. Further, you can implement it by using an Amazon PPC optimization software tool or by assessing and evaluating the keywords’ success in your ad campaigns. 


In addition, you can also achieve your sales targets faster by adjusting your bids. It could be further based on keyword profitability if you have the possibility to bid on your chosen keywords.


For optimal results, manual campaigns also allow you to employ unique matching keywords and run ads based on brands and categories. However, this may necessitate ongoing efforts to improve rate control and minimise costly human errors. 


However, the drawback of a manual campaign is the increased chance of losing money. It is because keywords and bids are manually defined. As a result, in order to run a thriving business, sellers must be PPC professionals.


Automatic Campaign 


An Amazon PPC optimization method that allows merchants to skip selecting keywords is known as an automated campaign.


Moreover, it aids in the identification of long-tail search phrases for future campaigns. Generally, finding long-tail search phrases can be difficult to find using keyword research tools


However, using this method, Amazon can decide when to show your product ad. And, it depends on the keywords identified in your product listing’s title and description.


Although this method can result in high impression rates, you have less control over automatic advertising when compared to manual marketing. In addition, sellers are required to bid the same for high, low, and non-converting keywords when using automated campaigns.


Choosing between Manual Campaign and Automatic Campaign


The type of Amazon PPC advertising you’re operating and the campaign management software you’re using can both influence your planned campaign. As a result, choosing campaign management software that aligns with your objectives is critical for tracking campaign efficiency and ensuring successful campaign execution.


Furthermore, sellers will be able to launch, schedule, coordinate, and track their product ad campaigns. Further, it could be done across many channels with the correct campaign management software. 


However, when it comes to sponsored product ads, manual campaigns may be a preferable option because this optimization often results in reduced long-term ad spend and more successful commercials.


Nevertheless, if you want to boost product placement on competitor web pages, auto campaigns could work for you. In either case, having the correct Amazon PPC ad plan is critical to maximising earnings and converting those viewers into buyers.



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