Amazon Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews: How are these two different from each other?

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Amazon Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews: How are these two different from each other?

As an Amazon seller, it’s possible that you already understand how essential customer feedback and product reviews are for your store’s success. 

Do you know the difference between the two? 

Many merchants have started combining the phrases “feedback” and “review,” however, in the Amazon marketplace, these are two very separate things.

Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Reviews are the two categories in which these reviews are organized. Both reviews are valuable in assisting you in running your company more effectively. 

Knowing that both are integral for gaining attention and achieving success, let’s look at what distinguishes them.


What is seller feedback on Amazon?

Goods Reviews are just reviews of the thing purchased, while Amazon Seller Feedback describes the whole customer experience with the seller. To put it another way, seller feedback is entirely focused on Amazon sellers, while product reviews are only focused on the products you offer.

  • As soon as the seller feedback has been published, it will be shown on your seller profile page.
  • A 5-star rating system is used, with one being the lowest and five being the highest, to focus on you, the seller.
  • Customers are encouraged to submit candid and transparent comments.
  • It may affect the health of your Amazon account.
  • It will influence your chances of winning the Buy Box if you do not do so.


Furthermore, based on average feedback score ratings; customers’ feedback will be able to assist you in making purchasing judgments. Amazon may suspend your account if your average feedback rating does not meet its standards in the worst-case scenario.

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What are Product Reviews? 


Product reviews might help you figure out where your items fall short of the expectations of your target clients. However, the most significant advantage of product reviews is that they assist businesses in increasing sales and converting more prospects into customers. Study after study has shown that customers are more inclined to purchase things that they have heard are excellent from others.


  • Product reviews are shown on the product detail page after publication.
  • It is just concerned with the product and does not influence your overall performance or ability.
  • It uses a 5-star rating system, similar to that used for feedback, and customers may also leave comments on specific product aspects.
  • It can lower the perceived value of your goods.
  • Anyone may post a product review on your website, regardless of whether or not they have purchased the item in question.


Product reviews are crucial to the success of your Amazon business since the vast majority of Amazon shoppers read product reviews before making a purchasing decision. Likewise, customers may express their thoughts about your products via product reviews, which can provide you with valuable insight into their preferences and concerns. Also, there are tons of fake reviews on Amazon, so be careful while shopping


For the following reasons, Amazon sellers equally rely on Seller Feedback versus Product Reviews:


  • It educates people to match their expectations based on what others have judged them. This information is necessary for your consumers to make an educated decision. In this scenario, if the data is favorable to you, it will persuade customers to purchase your goods.


  • You must be a third-party seller (3p seller) to purchase and sell items. Seller’s Review would be precious to you if you answered yes since you will compete with other sellers offering the same goods.


  • People who wish to purchase from you or visit your website will recognize that you are trustworthy since it helps you seem more reputable. Overall, this increases your chances of receiving the Buy Box. When you look at your performance, you’ll be able to see whether it’s likely to result in bans.


  • People who have purchased a product from you submit Product Reviews on their experiences with it. These reviews discuss what your consumers have to say about your product. It has nothing to do with how successful you are as a vendor or how pleased your consumers are with their purchases.


Reviews offer you information that can be used to help you in making future purchasing choices. By paying close attention to product reviews, you may get valuable insight into the issues and preferences of your target customers. Additionally, product reviews give your consumers a forum to voice their concerns about the product rather than criticizing the merchant.

In essence, feedback is about the seller, while a product review is on the product alone. Although both are important, product reviews carry greater weight since they are what buyers see and use to make purchasing choices, and they have an impact on the product’s search rank.

Final Words

While Seller Feedback and Product Reviews offer unique benefits, both may help you build a pleasant customer experience, which can benefit your Amazon company in the long run. However, it’s crucial to realize that a poor evaluation of your goods has a lower effect than unfavorable feedback from a seller. This is because each customer’s particular tastes and preferences differ. Therefore, it’s impossible to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every product you offer. On the other hand, if you have a solid supply chain management system, you can always give high-quality customer service and deliver items on time.


It would be best if you grasped the difference between feedback and reviews on Amazon to achieve your objectives in the Amazon marketplace. Positive feedback and product reviews contribute to the development of a positive reputation on Amazon, increasing sales, enhancing your ranking, and creating satisfied consumers.

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