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Amazon Sponsored Products vs. Amazon Sponsored Brands: The Ultimate Guide in 2022

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If you are selling on Amazon, you need the proper strategy to raise revenue through advertisements and commercials. Even if your product is ranking and selling well on Amazon, it remains essential to invest in ads.  Investing in ads will give sellers an edge over the competitors and make you stand out. If sellers product ranks and sells on Amazon, you must be aware of the difference between Sponsored Products vs. Sponsored Brands.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads commonly result in an insignificantly lower conversion rate than Amazon Sponsored Products Ads. But for a brand, more impressions and exposure to Amazon customers and meeting the demand for eCommerce worldwide are a no-brainer, and yes, a good investment indeed.

With ad revenue more important than ever since the increase ever since the global rise in demand for eCommerce, it’s a no-brainer. Amazon allows retailers and vendors plenty of opportunities to put their products in the presence of suitable viewers, in the form of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and new Sponsored Display Ads.

Let’s have a look at what we need to know about this topic. To get some answers, let’s dive a little deeper into Amazon Sponsored Products vs. Amazon Sponsored Brands: a comprehensive guide in 2022.

Sponsored Products vs Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands give a plethora of opportunities to sellers to place their products in the spotlight and front of the appropriate audience. Sponsored Brands are invariably in the best place on the search results page. And hence, more brand exposure is at stake as it allows sending customers undeviatingly to your custom build brand store. 

With so much potential because of the broad exposure, this format continues to be under-utilized. Sponsored Brands ads include three different arrangements, particularly Product Collection, Store Spotlight, and Video. The key difference between Amazon Seller Central advertising for Sponsored Products has automatic, manual, keyword and product targeting. Sponsored Brand targeting is only keyword targeting.

Why To Use Sponsored Ads

If you want to build your brand awareness and yearning to build your marketing power, you should undoubtedly utilize Amazon-sponsored ads effectively. Sponsored Display ads encourage you to engage viewers who either recorded interest in categories associated with your promoted product or inspected your product’s detail page but did not buy. You can also target particular products or categories that are related or equal to your advertised product.

Amazon advertising has experienced remarkable growth in 2022. This only verifies that the Amazon sponsored product ads and brand ads are quintessential for brands to improve their discoverability and drive sales. It has become imperative for sellers to defeat their competitors using these paid advertising campaigns because the competition is getting stronger every day.

About Amazon Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are pay-per-click advertisements that operate on relevant keywords and ASINs. These elements allow you to drive traffic to different sections like product listings or search results within the Amazon platform. Sponsored ads in Amazon play a vital role in the ad strategies of sellers and marketers as the rates develop, so the value of sponsored ads. This price increase has pushed the cost per click (CPC) charges to be more expensive.

Brands are investing and paying more extra pay for sponsored ads as it encourages them closer to many potential customers across the globe. CPC leads to be costlier, but the conversion rates are also higher. This reinforced the importance of sponsored ads, where buyers actively seek what to buy. 

Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products are PPC ads that will assist you in driving traffic to product listings on Amazon. Also, with Amazon Sponsored Products, you can perform a set of objects and will enable you to measure your performance too. Sponsored Products are advertisements for unique product listings on Amazon. Sponsored Products can assist you in reaching customers who want to purchase and actively look for the products they require.

Amazon Sponsored Brands

Sponsored brand ads pay only when someone clicks on the ad. Note that these ads carry higher CPC (cost per click) than sponsored product ads as they have a more substantial influence than the latter. Amazon resolves where the advertisements will appear, and it depends on the proposal amount. Sponsored Brands display your brand and product, and these advertisements include the brand’s logo, a custom headline, and a selection of your products. They resemble shopping results pages for product visibility, driving sales and making a profit. Sponsored Brands allows you to quickly highlight your brand and product collection to shoppers interested in similar products.

How to Get Amazon Sponsored Products

1. A seller must have an active professional seller account,

2. A seller must be able to ship to all UK addresses

3. You must sell products that fall under one or more eligible categories.

4. Product Condition: listed products must be new. Used products or refurbished products do not qualify for advertising.

5. The products you advertise with Sponsored Products must be eligible for the Buy Box.

6. To promote Sponsored Products, the seller must be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.

How to Get Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads

1. A seller must have an active professional seller account,

2. A seller must be able to ship to all UK addresses

3. Product Categories: your products must fall under one or more eligible categories.

4. Product Condition: product listings must be new. Used products or refurbished products are not eligible for advertising.

5. Sponsored Brands will be shown to buyers regardless of who is winning the Buy Box.

6. To use Sponsored Brands and Stores, you must enrol in the Amazon Brand Registry. 

Final Takeaway

Sponsored brands and products are a great way to improve your upper funnel and reclaim lost sales by marketing and remarketing to targeted audiences. Sponsored Brands and products usually aim to produce brand awareness right from the high and mid-funnel versus direct purchases in the low funnel. That means the design to make assets that happen later – notwithstanding those conversions not being connected immediately to the Sponsored Brands and products. 



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