Amazon’s Guide on Creating Variation Listings

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Creating choices on Amazon is important to the success of any company on the platform. As in a retail context, you want customers to visit just one product page and see all of the available options in one location. If you sell t-shirts, you would like them to visit only one product page and see all of the available alternatives in one place.

Amazon enables product variants to be displayed on a single product description page, allowing for the display of multiple sizes, colors, styles, tastes, unit counts, and other characteristics. It is based on the product category in which options are available for the variant, and there are certain restrictions on the sorts of variations that may be created. When developing your first and only product variant, make sure to follow this step-by-step tutorial.

An Inventory File template must be used to upload a new Amazon product variant to Seller Central in order for it to be visible to customers. Due to the fact that you are creating a new product connection in Amazon, each new variant will be granted its own ASIN (American Standard Industrial Number). You may make modifications and updates to a variation after it has been created using the Variation Wizard tool, which is accessible from the Parent ASIN product editor.

What exactly are variants, and how do they function?

Variants are goods that differ from one another in a specific way. They are based on the very same parent product, but they differ in some features such as colors, sizes, and measurements, among other things, to differentiate them. Because they are derived from a parent listing, product variants are referred to as “child products.” To put it another way, they are provided as alternate possibilities for the same thing.

Because various choice values result in different product combinations, as shown in the illustration below, it is always better to provide as many distinct combinations as possible in order to fulfill the preferences and requirements of as many consumers as feasible.

Indeed, establishing variants allows buyers to view all of the available possibilities, which in turn impacts their purchase decisions in a favorable way. As a result, one of the Amazon seller suggestions that might help them enhance their items’ discoverability and sales conversion is to use variants.

Amazon Listing Variation consists of several elements.

Generally speaking, a listing variation relationship is composed of three basic components. They are as follows:

1. A list of the parents

Parent listings or parent ASINs are used to keep track of variations or child items, and they are not intended to be purchased by customers. The Amazon catalog links to its variations through the usage of parent listings. For example, if two t-shirts have the same parent, they are both regarded to be kid goods under the law.

2. ASINs for children

Child goods, often known as ASINs, are genuine versions of the parent product that are available for purchase. There can be several child items connected with a single ASIN that are different from one another. Every kid variety may be identified from the others in some manner, whether it’s by color, size, form, flavor, or any other characteristic.

3. The third theme is variation.

Specifically, the variation theme refers to the sort of variation that defines how related items differ from one another, i.e., what is the characteristic that distinguishes them from each other. If you offer your items under several categories, your variation theme may alter from one category to the next. For example, the child listings in cosmetics might differ from one another in terms of size, tone, color, and so on. Child items in the fashion area can come in a variety of colors and sizes.

In addition, you may use two different variant themes in different product categories. For example, if you wish to sell t-shirts in a variety of sizes and colors, you may use the “SizeName-ColorName” variation theme to do this. Here are a few illustrations:

  • T-shirt with a large blue color
  • T-shirt in light pink with a little print
  • T-shirt in black in extra large size
  • T-shirt in a medium shade of green

Customers will be able to pick their preferred size and color options without having to hunt for individual goods as they would otherwise.

Benefits of variety in Amazon Product Selection 

1. Increasing the amount of time people see you.

If you have any items that have been buried far down in the search engine results, one approach to make them more accessible is to vary their names and descriptions. It will be easier for potential purchasers to find low-performing items if they are combined with those that perform well.

2. Increased Conversion Rates

The number of different goods in a listing increases the amount of time a shopper’s attention is held on your ad. When a red blender is a sole choice on a listing because you’ve segregated the other colors into their own listings, a buyer who doesn’t like that selection for their kitchen may leave your listing without purchasing anything from it. If they return to the search results page, they may choose for a competitor’s product rather than one of your listings again. If you can keep clients on your page for a longer period of time by employing variants, the likelihood of a customer converting on your listing improves.

3. Increased sales revenue

It is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to increasing Amazon sales. Increasing exposure with variants and improving conversions helps your listings succeed with the Amazon search algorithm, promotes more reviews, and, as a result, improves your overall marketplace presence across the board.

Using a combined sales history, you may boost your organic position.

Amazon automatically places goods with high ratings at the front of the search results. As a result, when every transaction that has occurred on your parent-child listing is combined with the aggregate sales history of the kid listings, it has a significant influence on your organic ranking.

What is the best way to offer many versions on Amazon?

  • Be sure to examine the product categories that are suitable for listing variants before creating your initial parent-child listing on Amazon.
  • The following are the primary listing categories that allow for variations:
  • Pet Supplies are available.
  • Toys and games are a type of entertainment.
  • Sports & the Great Outdoors
  • Grocery
  • Aspects of health and beauty

Clothing, Shoes, and accessories are included.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll notice that generating a listing variant on Amazon isn’t quite as difficult as it appears. Even if you’re a registered Amazon seller, just follow the procedures outlined below to get your parent-child listing up and running in no time.

Creating listing variants on Amazon may be accomplished in one of two ways. You have two options: either manually enter the information into Amazon Seller Central or download as well as fill an inventory file.

It is discussed in this post how to add variants to your Amazon listing using the inventory file template and everything else you will need to know about adding your variation to existing items that use the Amazon inventory file template.

If you are an Amazon seller, this is the most suggested process since it allows you to quickly and simply alter, update, add, or remove child ASINs from it as and when necessary.

Product Specifications and Keywords should be included.

It is on the Keywords tab that you may include any additional tags that don’t fit or aren’t already included in the product description. The search phrase serves as a back-end keyword tool for your website. You have a maximum of 250 characters to use in your message.

Finally, there is the More Details tab, which is the final one. This is where you may enter the product description information that will be shown in the specification part of your product listing on the website. Although not mandatory, it is generally a good idea to provide any additional information about your product in your product description.

When you’re finished, click a save and finish button to save your work. Repeat the process for all of your kid listings, and once you’ve completed the process for all of the child listings, you may proceed to create the parent listing. Again, the parent listing does not represent a tangible object; rather, it serves to link all of the child listings together and consolidate them into a single one.


Choose Your Variation Themes With Care. As previously said, you may categorize your items according to a variety of topics such as size, color, or weight, among others. It is essential that the items you are selling fit into any one of these themes in order for them to not be classified as variants. The usage of themes to strategically organize your listings will assist your clients in making better choices and customizing their orders without becoming confused or dissatisfied throughout the purchasing process.

By testing the user experience, you can eliminate variation confusion. To determine how successfully your consumer will be able to browse your variants, test the customer experience of your listing before publishing it. Make certain that you can readily grasp the changes between each variant by incorporating photos and detailed details into your presentation. If you have more than multiple concepts on your listing, be certain that there is no misunderstanding when selecting the size, color, or weight of an item from each theme. Also, keep an eye on what your high-ranking opponents are up to and how they are setting up their versions of their strategies.

Accepting the importance of customer experience leads to growth.

 It is critical to keep the needs of your customers in mind at all times during the variant development process. Your consumers will have a positive shopping experience if you set up versions that are easy to explore and that eliminate confusion on your website. If a consumer believes they have been misled, this might result in negative feedback. Consider the following scenario: if you are selling an accessory with both the purchase of a specific variant in your listing, make sure to specify that the item is only available with that particular variation and not with any other variations. If this is not done, the consumer may be unaware of the information and have an unpleasant experience.


Unlike a variation listing, which stores no inventory, a variation listing’s parent listing just serves to hold the children’s listings in that variation together. If the listing author removes the parent listing from their inventories, it is possible that the children may be separated and will need to be reunited with their parents.

In the event that a child listing becomes orphaned, the listing would revert to being listed as just an individual product and would no longer be linked to another listing through a variant connection.

When this occurs, we refer to the children involved as “listing orphans.” The Variation Wizard makes it incredibly simple to reunite these orphans with their families while working with a flat file (spreadsheet). You may, however, bring these listings back together using the interface. In most cases, you will need to enlist the assistance of the seller throughout the procedure.

When it comes to listings in search results, descriptions might seem to vary depending on the variant you are looking for. 

When creating variants in Seller Central, it is crucial to consider the content of your variations. If you have a listing with variations, there are a variety of different methods to show your material – either on the parent or child level. This is critical for the consumer experience since each attribute or aspect that differs from one variant to the next must be identified in the descriptions of the variations.

Additional Strategies for Maximizing the Benefits of Your Variations

The inclusion of product variants in your Amazon listings may assist in improving both the shopping experience for your customers and your overall success in the marketplace. It is possible to keep your clients’ attention on your listings and away from your rivals’ listings by being clever in the approach you set up themes, add content, as well as organize your variants. Please fill out the form below if you would like a more detailed step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up your variations in Amazon Seller Central.


Amazon variant listing is extremely advantageous to both Amazon vendors and Amazon customers. They have the ability to enhance the customer experience for potential consumers by offering them several product selections that are all shown on a single product detail page.

Listing variety enables merchants to make more sales, increase their return on investment, and boost their organic search ranks on

So, what else are you waiting for? Get started now! Create your first listing variability on Amazon today by simply following the steps outlined above and utilizing powerful Amazon intelligence tools. You will gradually notice the outcomes and see what they can do to improve your Amazon SEO optimization plan as time goes on.

The act of creating a new Amazon listing represents a window of opportunity. An Amazon listing, in contrast to the more conventional features of selling on Amazon, serves as a platform for your brand to shine and for shoppers to understand why they must care about your items. Because there are no other merchants offering your goods, you have complete control over the photographs and product details that you think would most effectively encourage shoppers to make a purchase.

Knowing the importance of a product listing, you must take your time to write one that is meaningful. Product pages that are extremely visible and appealing to customers may be created by taking into account how buyers will come across and interpret your listing, among other factors.



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