An Effective Guide on Amazon’s Request a Review

An Effective Guide on Amazon’s Request a Review

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Amazon has always been active with new updates in terms of guidelines and policies. One of those policies includes Amazon Request a Review. It includes certain features that will be beneficial for sellers to a wider extent. 

Here’s everything you need to learn about Amazon’s request for a review system and related concepts. 


Importance of Amazon Request a Review

Previously, Amazon allows sellers to reach out to their customers. Also, sellers were allowed to send personalized messages to their customers. So, sellers used to send request reviews and production details to them. However, few sellers tried to break laws and abused the system. Therefore, Amazon had to come up with strict guidelines and policies. Amazon then implemented strict rules including communication. 

Currently, Amazon has modified its rules book and now sellers cannot send personalized messages or respond to reviews. Moreover, Amazon discontinued the ‘Early Reviewer Program. However, the Amazon Request a Review option has offered sellers a new procedure that complies with policies. 

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Reason Why Amazon Sellers Require Reviews

For online businesses, product reviews play a vital part. Therefore, Amazon allows its customers to stay informed about products and services before they could make their choice. Moreover, Customer reviews help to boost sales, increase visibility, support sellers/vendors, and Amazon’s ranking gets improved. 

Ways Seller Can Send Requests

There are two ways in which sellers can send requests to customers. It includes:


  1. Manual: In this method, sellers can send requests to customers one by one manually within their Amazon Seller Central. However, for every single order, sellers need to send an individual request. 

To implement it, first Visit the main page and log in to your account. Then scroll to the ‘Order Details’ page. Go to the order you want to follow up. Further, you will find the ‘Request a Review’ button. It will be next to the ‘Refund Order’ option. 

Now tap on the button and tap again to confirm. Then, Amazon will next send a generic review request message to the customer. The sent message will be according to the customer’s preferred language. In case, the customer has already provided the review then the message will not be sent or delivered. 

Ultimately, the manual procedure works for small business owners or those who process a small number of orders. 

  1. Automatic: Unlike Manual, sellers can send a review request to customers with one click. However, sellers can choose to send emails with their desired time or for products. This works better for business owners who deal with a large number of orders.

How One Can Ask For a Review?

You can find the ‘Amazon request a review’ button on the Your Orders page. This feature offers sellers a safe & secure Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging system. Further, sellers can ask customers for seller feedback and product reviews. Moreover, this procedure is completely compliant with Amazon’s policies. Therefore, sellers won’t be penalized for using it. Also, banned sellers can also use this feature. 

In addition, customers will receive the email message through Amazon’s created template and not customizable. Along with your image and product’s name will appear with the Amazon logo. Then sellers can invite customers to submit feedback on their products. 

Furthermore, the Amazon Request a Review button is available between 4-30 days. It can be accessed only when the customer receives the product. However, after the sent initial message, no-follows can be sent by sellers. Nor can they customize the message. 

All the best for using Amazon Request Review system and grow your business in the right direction. 

We hope this article will guide you about Amazon Request Review policy in order to reach out to customers; to make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!

Good Luck!