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An Expert Guide on How to Increase your Sales on Amazon as a Starter in 2022

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An Expert Guide on How to Increase your Sales on Amazon as a Starter in 2022


Only a small percentage of the more than 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon can be considered successful, as they consistently increase their sales. You learn about the tricks and enigmas of succeeding on Amazon in this article. If you plan to join the Amazon seller community or already sell products there, don’t miss this article.


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What Is FBA on Amazon?


Amazon owns the most Sophisticated fulfilment networks in the world. With the Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA) service, you can store your goods in Amazon’s fulfilment facilities. You can get picking, wrapping, and shipping services from Amazon. 


Additionally, Amazon will provide customer support for these goods. You can boost sales and attract potential customers with Amazon FBA Business.


How Much Exactly do Successful Amazon Sellers Generate?


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Although there are several ways to sell on Amazon, Amazon FBA is now the most widely used method. 


According to an Amazon research and surveys conducted by various companies, an average Amazon FBA seller can make between $1,000 and $25,000 per month in sales. Making $100 to $5000 a month in profit is feasible if you consider that an Amazon FBA seller will have an average profit margin of 10 percent to 20 percent.


Three basic categories of Amazon FBA sellers that have been active on the market for more than a year exist. You can see a summary of their earnings and revenue in the table below:


Seller Store Age Team Size Monthly Revenue Profit Gross Profit Margin 
A 2 2+2 -$80,000 -$19,000 -23%
B 3 5 -$400,000 -$55,000 -14%
C 1 1+1 -$7,000 -$1,000 -14%


Important Advice for Amazon Success


You must stay up to date and take the following actions in order to improve your selling and become a successful Amazon seller:


1. Promoting your company.


2. Maintain a competitive price for your goods.


3. Select the appropriate pricing strategy.


4. Sign up for Amazon Prime.


5. Include diversity in your list of sources.


6. Accurately list your products.


7. Determine your most lucrative product.


8. Pick the appropriate fulfilment option.


9. Customer support.


10. Travel to places.


Actually, it would help if you put in the effort and hard work because these ten steps to success won’t happen overnight.


Utilizing OABeans’ online arbitrage lead lists is another straightforward strategy that enables you to succeed and earn money with ease. These lists are helpful for both amateur and experienced Amazon sellers, and the leads are evaluated based on a variety of factors, including 90-day price history, category selling rank, gate/ungate status, and others. You can make a monthly profit of up to $5000 by using this list.


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Which products are more popular on Amazon?


It’s well known that Amazon is a fantastic location for an online store. You can choose what to sell there, but in order to make a respectable profit, you should pick the best-selling items. Your success rate is based on how many products you sell. 


Consequently, pick them carefully. You can visit the hourly updated best-sellers section on Amazon. It is possible to discover products that are frequently purchased. They are listed with their popular rank under each department. Each product will receive a score from Best Seller Rank (BSR) synchronously for each category, as well as any related subcategories.


The popularity of seasonal goods can change quickly, whereas that of other goods like books, electronic parts, and games tends to remain stable. 


Products like individual self-items and gym equipment saw an increase in popularity during the pandemic and lockdown. By the way, whenever you want to add new products, you must first make sure that there is still a market for them. 


The following categories have high sales potential on Amazon generally:


1. Electronic parts


2. Video games & Toys


3. Video Games


4. Imaging Devices


5. Clothes, footwear, and jewelry


6. Books


7. Home & Kitchen


The following considerations should be made when using Amazon’s best-sellers list:


Because all sellers have access to this data, choosing the ideal product is extremely difficult.


Due to their sales margin, not all of the best-selling products are profitable.


The popularity of certain products may wane, allowing you to capitalize.


Final Reflections


In Amazon FBA, Amazon will take care of every step. The volume of money you can make selling on Amazon depends on a lot of factors because there is fierce competition there. Hopefully, by following our ten seller tips, you can become a part of many of the profitable Amazon seller success stories that already exist. 


You can use the web pages that provide leads on Amazon to sell profitable products there and advance along the road to success more quickly. One of these popular websites that provide users and customers with leads that can lead to revenue is We hope this article should assist you in becoming an Amazon Bestseller.


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