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An Expert Manual On How to Get Ungated with Toys On Amazon Legitimately

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Amazon limits the toys and games section in the final quarter of every year, irrespective of toy brand or new sellers. During the Holiday season in November and December, it is one of the sole Amazon restricted sections. If you desire merchant fulfillment (MF), this program is for you but doesn’t have the holiday period selling rules in the toys category.

There are also brand limitations, which prevent merchants from selling specific brands of kids toys. The goal of these holiday selling standards is usually to prevent the sale of counterfeit goods.

Amazon often gates toys and games to maintain product authenticity and fast delivery. Furthermore, it tries to preserve its credibility by ensuring that only authentic and qualified suppliers can sell in these restricted areas.

How to Tell If You’re Locked Out of Amazon Toys

Try adding the items you want to put in your Amazon seller profile to see if there’s any brand gating and whether you can sell toys. The fact that you require authorization to list it in a ‘New’ condition is evidence that the product is gated.

In August of each year, Amazon sends an email to customers interested in MF toy products. Because the rules are always changing and updating, these yearly newsletters are usually unique. If you’re interested in becoming a merchant fulfill seller, make a note of this email.

Amazon demands you to have a proven record of being the best Amazon seller as a merchant fulfill seller. This ensures that you are serious about the product’s integrity and timely delivery.

Because the instructions are aimed at merchant fulfilled merchants, you can disregard the email if you are an Amazon FBA seller who is not enthusiastic about merchant fulfillment. Including merchant fulfillment in your Amazon plan, on the other hand, is a good idea.

When transporting things into Amazon’s warehouses becomes challenging in the late holiday season, it can help sell items.

Getting Approved for Amazon’s Gated Toys

Amazon excludes some products or groups to ensure that the things given to customers are of high quality. As a result, you’ll need to produce high-quality items to keep your seller account active.

Requesting approval is the first procedure toward becoming ungated in the restricted categories. However, you must first confirm that your membership is fully compliant to increase your chances of being accepted by Amazon.

To obtain approval, follow these steps:

• Log in to your Seller Central account and select Inventory from the drop-down menu.

• Choose “Add a Product” from the drop-down menu.

• Look for the product you want to sell.

• Click ‘Listing Limitations Apply’ if it seems to be restricted.

• Select ‘Request approval’ from the drop-down menu.

Automatic Approvals

You may be able to request and acquire an automatic license to sell in a limited category from time to time. “Automatic Approvals” is the term for this. This is something you can do while practising retail arbitrage or internet arbitrage. This happens at any time and without caution. Amazon does not disclose which brands or categories are subject to the automatic certification process.

This is more likely to occur if you’ve been an Amazon seller for a while and have an excellent reputation rather than if you’re a complete rookie. Your ability to receive automatic approval will be determined by criteria such as your seller data and account age.

Upon a successful appeal, you will immediately receive a response saying that your request has been authorized.

You’ll usually need to show some documentation to sell in the gated toys & games area.

Attain the Required Performance Goals

To increase your chances of being approved to sell toys over the vacations, you’ll need to satisfy the following performance goals:

• An order failure rate of less than 1%

• A cancellation rate of less than 1.75 percent before fulfillment

• Less than 4% late shipment rate

Deliver the needed number of items.

Before November, Amazon will demand you to have shipped a particular amount of products to MF toys. These items, however, do not have to be in the Toys & Games section. This is done frequently to demonstrate that you can consistently meet order criteria.

There are also the following requirements:

The name of the business

• A valid business license

• ID of the seller/vendor

• Electronic mail address

• Contact information

• Listings of products

• A list of ASINS for the toys you’re attempting to sell

• Product images and manuals that are compliant. All required safety details, adherence markings, small parts, and choking safety warnings should be included in the photos.

• Test results from a CPSC-approved laboratory


Selling in closed categories has its own set of advantages. You will have fewer competitors, which means more sales and cash for you. Although meeting all of the prerequisites for direct approval may not be easy, it is worth attempting.


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