An extensive guide for creating Amazon product Bundle

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As an Amazon seller, product bundling is an excellent approach to provide additional product possibilities to your customers. It is one of the most effective methods of increasing the sales of your everyday items. Also, it helps you enhance product sales while also offering discounts to your most loyal clients. Also your product listing will appear in the Buy Box on the right-hand side of the screen, where customers may purchase the bundle fulfillment that includes two to five component ASINs, and buyers may purchase them all from the exact detail page as if they were a single ASIN. However, the fulfillment and shipping are handled independently, and customers may browse more simply and find a more extensive range of complementary items and products with savings. Combining complimentary items into bundles may allow marketers to provide discounts on a group of related products while also using current inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment network to present consumers with additional options.

The Product Bundle Policy provides the following definition of a product bundle: “Bundles must consist of items that, when bundled together, improve or simplify the overall consumer experience.”

This implies that the items must complement one another rather than being a multipack of one product. For example, you may combine a camera, a memory card, and a carrying bag to save money. Due to the possibility that a consumer may purchase each of these things independently at the same time, this bundle may be appealing. Selling a multipack of t-shirts in various sizes and is not regarded as selling a bundle. This is because it provides very little additional value to Amazon customers. To do this, you may develop a discount coupon for more outstanding orders to encourage sales.

Policy Regarding Bundles in General 

The referral fee for the top product category (the same category in which the product was listed) is applied to the complete package.

All goods included in a bundle must adhere to Amazon’s product listing criteria to be sold. Amazon listing regulations must also be adhered to when bundling photos, features, and descriptions.

Any bundled product listings that do not conform to the Bundle Policy, including the accompanying Detailed Bundle Guidelines, may be removed without notice, and accounts that do not adhere to the Bundle Policy may be suspended. Amazon has the right to alter or terminate this policy at any moment for any reason whatsoever.

Why Do Product Bundles Sell Well On Amazon? 

As an Amazon seller, there are many chances for bundles if you have the correct items and a little originality. Packing offers a unique alternative for your prospective clients, and there is generally little or no rivalry for these packages. With bundles, you may appeal to prospective clients looking for a convenient method to get everything they need all at the same time. As an alternative, you may offer your branded items as part of your bundles, with the result that the bundle is treated as a separate product on Amazon.

You can provide them with a one-stop shopping experience, which will save them both time and money. It makes it simple for them to find what they need when they make a purchase, and they will save money on shipping as a result of the procedure. 

If they seek unique presents, you may give them a list of suggestions. This may alleviate their dilemma when they want to get something exceptional for someone special but are unsure of what to buy. 

Putting together product packages

Product bundles may be made by visiting or navigating to Inventory > Manage Inventory > Create A Bundle from the Amazon menu bar on the left.

ASIN availability may be found on the ASIN website.

Any ASIN included in a bundle should also be available as a standalone ASIN, and buyers should be able to purchase them separately from the bundle itself.


Product bundles may be sold for less than or at the same price as the sum of the costs of the individual goods in the bundle. One of the program’s value propositions is giving a discount on numerous items purchased as a package. If any component cost changes, the seller is responsible for determining the bundle price and updating the bundle price accordingly. If the bundle price becomes more than the total of the seller’s component prices, the bundle will no longer be available for purchase. Asinwiser

The Negative Aspects of Product Bundles

First and foremost, before you begin bundling, there are a few other vital items to consider. Amazon has rigorous standards for product bundles, and if you don’t follow them, it’s possible to get removed from the site for violating intellectual property rights. Bundles have the potential to generate income, but there are several ways in which your bundle might fail. Once the listing has been established, it cannot be changed. Thus it would be best if you got it right the first time. 

Product bundles may present you with possibilities in the Buy Box if they are original; but, if other merchants see what you have done and decide to imitate it, your opportunities in the Buy Box may be swiftly lost.

Amazon Product Bundles Come in a Variety of Forms 

Now that we’ve established what a bundle is not, it’s necessary to provide you with an understanding of what would be permitted inside a bundle. There are endless options available on the Amazon marketplace when it comes to product bundles. An essential aspect of the attractiveness of product bundles is that they are exclusive to you as a retailer. Make use of your creativity to develop innovative ways to package your best-selling items! 

Product packages as a gift or with a theme 

A gift or themed bundle is a collection of complementary products sold together as a single product offering. For example, a “new baby bundle” might comprise a variety of supplies that new parents would need while taking their child home from the hospital. Baby supplies such as a baby bottle, car seat, bibs, baby wipes, and other such items may be included. You may also consider purchasing a kitten package for new parents, which would contain food bowls, a bed, and a few toys. 

Convenient product packages 

Each of these bundles is intended to include everything a person could want for a specific project or activity. Depending on the kid’s grade level, a back-to-school product bundle for math class can contain goods such as a calculator, pencils, testing supplies, and books. A vehicle cleaning kit may include sprays and lotions, as well as wax and washcloths to ensure that your automobile is sparkling clean. 

Product bundles with a banded appearance

You may also combine many goods from the same brand, whether your own or someone else’s, into a single order. Branded products cannot simply consist of more than one item since this would be deemed a multipack under the law. You might group several different Beanie Baby toys in a single ad to attract shoppers looking for a lower-priced alternative. You might even gather multiple skincare goods from the same brand but for different skincare requirements. If the moisturizer, cleanser, face scrub, and other goods are all from the same brand, they may be combined into a single package. 

Generic product packages 

In one convenient package, generic bundles provide all things in a specific category, such as home painting materials or an electronics repair kit. All of the goods in this bundle must be unbranded, and they must not be combined with other brands to reduce the quality of the brand due to the relationship. 

List of bundles and categorization of bundles: 

Bundles must be made up of products that are highly complementary to one another (this implies products in the bundle allow or increase the usage of other items in a pile or give conveniences to the consumer by buying them together). 

Multiple single goods that a distinct ASIN/UPC individually recognizes are combined into a single offering offered as a single unit. It is not considered a bundle when many things are packed together in a kit or pack recognized by a single ASIN/UPC. 

A bundle may only be displayed in a single category, even if the goods that make up the bundle come from various other category listings. 

The bundle must be identified by a common product identity or a manufacturer part number unique to itself. It is not permitted to place any one product in the bundle as the identifier for the whole pile. Using a UPC from any product in the bundle to remember the entire bundle may result in the listing being removed immediately from the marketplace. You are responsible for getting a Universal Product Code (UPC) for any bundle you generate. 

Never bundle generic items along with branded products since this may lead people to believe that the generic product is associated with the same brand as one of the branded products in the bundle. Generic products are defined as those that do not have any brand name on the product or its packaging (not just widely unrecognized brands). 

If an item is available in a multi-pack, such as a pack of four markers, it should be listed as a single product rather than a bundle. For further information on multi-packs, see UPCs and Item Package Quantity. 

It is best to list items that are variants of a parent product as variations within the parent product’s family rather than as a bundle. See the section on Creating Parent/Child Variation Relationships for more information. 

To match your bundle to an existing bundle listing, the goods in your bundle must be identical to the products listed in the current bundle on all levels, including price and availability. If your bundle differs from the standard one in any way, you must create a separate listing for it. You are not permitted to modify the current listing to match it with the parameters of your new bundle. 

Following the creation of a bundle, you are not authorized to make any modifications to the elements of the bundle you have produced. To add or remove products from a bundle, a new bundle listing with a unique UPC must be created, or an existing bundle listing that is comparable to your altered bundle must be matched to the new or amended bundle. 

The most critical component in a package 

In this case, the primary component might be any ASIN that the bundle ASIN component. However, it is advised that the significant element in the bundle be the ASIN that is the most critical component element of the pile since this will aid in determining the search and browse classification of the ASIN. The keywords for bundle ASINs will be inherited from the keywords for the primary component ASINs. For example, an ASIN that includes a television and an HDMI cable should have the television as the primary component.

Changing the contents of a bundle

After a bundle’s ASIN has been saved, the following properties may be changed: the title, the description, the bullet points, the price, the photos, and the ASIN number. Once a bundle or SKU has been saved, the goods that make up the bundle or SKU cannot be changed.

Product information and photos for the bundle:

As an example, if your bundle has “X” number of items, Feature Bullet 1 here on the description page for the bundle must state that perhaps the product is a bundle including “X” number of items, as well as a list of all of the items that are part of the bundle. You must clearly state that your product is a bundle in the description of your product on the detail page for your product. You must also mention the items that are included in the bundle (with appropriate designators, such as model number, colour, and size).

The main image for the bundle should include all of the things which are included in the bundle. Advertising goods that are similar to or emblematic of the products you are selling is not permitted under the law.



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