An Overview: How to Permanently Delete Your Amazon Account

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If you are planning to close your Amazon account UK, you are in the right place. Furthermore, there could be several reasons that one decides to delete their Amazon account permanently. It could be an unsatisfied customer experience, trouble with HR policies, switching to another platform, or more. 

There are certain factors to consider related to the Amazon account. No one wants anyone to reaccess their account or steal personal information. Therefore, make sure that you learn all the aspects of account suspending. This guide will provide you information on how to close your Amazon account UK. Let’s explore. 

Deleting Amazon Account Permanently

When compared to other websites, account suspending on Amazon is complex. It’s not as simple as clicking on the button and turning it off. Instead, it takes few steps to suspend it. Follow these steps to figure out:

Step 1: Canceling Orders

Make sure to cancel any orders you placed, if you are planning to close your Amazon account UK. To process this, visit the official Amazon website and log in to the account you want to remove. Now check if there any orders placed, if yes, then cancel them. It is an important step to initiate. Otherwise, the account won’t get deleted. 


To cancel your orders, go to the right corner of the homepage. Select open orders and cancel them. Then, tap on Request Cancellation that is in the right section of each item.

Step 2: Delete Account

When you visit the website, you won’t find the ‘Cancel or Deactivate Account’ option. Therefore, you have to scroll to the bottom page. Then, tap on Help in the section of ‘Let Us Help You’. Further, go to ‘Browse Help Topics’. Next, select the ‘Need More Help?’ option. You may find that at the bottom of the left-hand section. It will direct you to new options in the right side column. Now tap on ‘Contact Us’.

Amazon will direct you to the Chatbot. In 2019, unfortunately, Amazon has shifted the help requests to its Chatbot. Therefore, you have to speak to the bot to cancel the account. 

Also, note down that if you tap on the ‘We can call you’ option, you can talk to a live representative. 


In case you speak to the bot, it will provide you three options. In these three options, choose ‘Login and Security’. Then, you will be directed to live representative to further steps.

When you get in touch with a representative, specify your requirement. Once you tell them you want account suspension, the process will start. In addition, the final result will be an e-mail providing an ETA for account suspension. 

Lastly, it would take at least 12 and 48 hours to close Amazon account UK. In some cases, it may get deleted instantly. 

One could also cancel the account with the ‘Contact Us’ link on the webpage. However, you won’t get the chat option here. Instead, you have to send an e-mail with this option.

Key Alternatives to Cancellation of Account

The first priority while account deletion is to remove all the personal details. It includes addresses, credit card information, and more. 

To remove the Address from your account. Follow these steps:

  • Visit ‘My Account’ on the homepage
  • Tap on ‘Your Address’.
  • Tap on ‘Remove’. It is available next to each address.
  • Click on ‘Yes’.


To Remove Credit Card or PayPal, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Amazon account. 
  • Visit the ‘My Account’ option.
  • Tap on ‘Payment Methods’ on the left-hand side.
  • Click on the down arrows next to the options of payment.
  • Now, click ‘Remove’.
  • Click on ‘Confirm’.

All in All

Amazon account deletion process could be tricky, so this guide will help you in an efficient way. Furthermore, it is important to know that once your account gets permanently suspended, it cannot be accessed. If in the future, you want to get access to Amazon, you have to create a new account. 

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