An Overview on MerchantWords in Detail

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An Overview on MerchantWords in Detail


About MerchantWords 


MerchantWords was created to assist Amazon sellers in locating keywords for their items. Furthermore, it helps you to see what terms customers are searching for in order to find a product. Also, it includes what terms your competitors are using.


Moreover, they also include capabilities that allow you to compare your goods to others. In addition, you may see how you compare to similar things in Amazon’s search rankings, as well as how you compare in terms of pricing, reviews, and ratings.


MerchantWords Features


When you sign up for Merchant Words, you get access to a variety of tools. The following is a list of their most popular features:


Enter a product’s ASIN to see which keywords people are searching for on Amazon.


Create keyword lists and track their performance over time with keyword collections.


Enter a seed keyword to get a list of similar terms along with their search volume.


Compare your product to another ASIN on the digital shelf. Check to see which item ranks for more keywords, what keywords the products share, and whether there are any keywords that one item ranks for while the other does not.


Compare the pricing, reviews, and star ratings of your product to those of another ASIN.


These tools can be used to discover fresh keywords for both new and existing items. Furthermore, it also allows you to compare your search performance to that of your competitors.


Benefits and Drawbacks of MerchantWords


Following is the list of pros and cons of MerchantWords. Let’s check:




Compare to your Competitors: Comparison reports from MerchantWords are a great method to examine how you compare to similar products.


Finding Keywords: Find commonly used search terms for your new and existing items quickly and easily.


Additional Tool Options: In addition to keyword research tools, you have access to a number of other features that provide additional information.




Here is the list of drawbacks associated with MerchantWords:


The monthly fee for a MerchantWords subscription is $29 per month. There are other similar tools with additional functionality available for that price.


You’ll need to buy extra tools if you want to do product research and monitor things like monthly sales, sales trends, and revenue.


There are no search filters available when looking for keywords, so you can’t define how many words a term should have or how many monthly searches it should receive.


There is no opportunity to try MerchantWords out for free or at a reduced price before purchasing it.


Their free subscription only allows you to search for keywords in one country, and their paid subscription only allows you to search for keywords in one region.


Their cheapest subscription only allows you to conduct 500 keyword searches every month.


We hope this article will clear all your doubts regarding MerchantWords and provided you a clear overview on this subject. 



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